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Friday, June 01, 2007

For Sale

It has come to a point where we have to say goodbye to a house where we started all anew. We used to ALL (4 children) live with Dad and Mom at Sylmar but as the years went by, Ate left with her family and moved to Canyon Country. Then Florizel left and moved to Santa Clarita (just a city next to Ate). Then it was my turn with Eumir and Eulla. We moved to Northridge. Now, Jun left for the Army and soon he'll be settling down as well. What will a 4 bedroom with a bonus room do for Dad and Mom...just all extra space.
So they decided to put the house on the market. So for all you folks out there, the house is listed with Century 21 under Soon Lee Zachary.
We've put so much in this house and it feels like it's not the right time but Dad and Mom needs to enjoy and relax. Put a stop into thinking so much for the kids (that's us). We are all big now and hopefuly more mature. We've learned a lot and has been guided to the right direction. We can do it. Right sisters and brother?!?
So starting Saturday, this house will be for SALE and will have it's first OPEN HOUSE.
One of the bedroom
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