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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Ninang Casey's Graduation Party

My cutie pie...
We went to Eulla's Ninang Casey's Graduation. Casey graduated from Northedame. We ended up just going to the reception. It was held at Salo-Salo located at Glendale. We were there by lunch time. While we waited for Ninang Casey, Eulla enjoyed her time drawing on the table which had some sort of paper on the table. Here are more pictures while we were there...Around 3pm, we left and ended up strolling around Topanga Mall. Eumir owed me a dress hehehe. Finally, after discussing it for the past 3 days, he got it for me. Thanks love!
Congratulations Ninang Casey!!!
Have fun on your trip to the Philippines!!!


posted by Eubelle at 6:01 PM


Belle! We got you something!!! ;-) We are sure you will LOVE it!!!

6:10 AM  

I just saw this comment today (06/14). What is it?!? I'm so excited!

9:52 AM  

Its a surprise!!! ;-)

7:26 AM  

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