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Monday, June 25, 2007

Sight seeing along the stars of Hollywood

Monday morning, Eumir took the day off to be able bring Michelle around town. I couldn't possibly do it alone because Eulla is a handful. We've planned this way before Michelle got to town.
We went to The Grove first to stroll around and do a little shopping. Then after a few shots of the Grove, we decided to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Eumir and I were amazed because this place always pact full and for some reason, when we got in around 1pm, we only had to wait for 5 minutes. But right after we were seated, the crowd came rushing in. Boy, were we lucky! We ate our lunch and chatted a little before we headed for Hollywood.

Eulla at Universal Theater Sanrio

Once we were parked, I was not feeling well so I took one of Michelle's paracetamol and we headed to Universal Theater where most of the opening nights of a movie is held. We strolled around the heat of 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, there were so many tourist. We went to the Wax Museum right away so we can get away from the heat and we were greeted by a Robin William look-a-like. He was a chatter box! We even had to have him move away from our background because he was in our way to take pictures of the scenes. I know, we were stuck up! hehehe but we were too eager to look at the wax actors rather than joke around a guy who doesn't seem to want to stop talking. We had fun strolling around the wax museum. We took lots of pictures but we ended up using Michelle's camera more (so Michelle, please send us the picures). Eumir was the only one who had the courage to enter the wax of doom. It was too scary for me, Michelle and Eulla. Eulla enjoyed the museum. She didn't even cry or asked to get off her stroller.
Then, after walking a few blocks down Hollywood Blvd, we went to the Chinese Theater where the new footprints and hand prints of the cast of Oceans 13 were newly displayed (Brad Pit, George Clooney, etc.). There were soooo many people looking at the prints that we only stayed to take pictures of the place. We even saw prints of actors as old as 1933. Imagine that!
Since our time was very limited, we had to bring Michelle to Carson City (to another one of her cousin) by 5pm, so that they can take her to Disneyland on Wednesday. Too bad we were not able to take her to any amusement park. The case is so different when we have a toddler with us. Its so much harder to do some sight seeing because we have to make a lot of stops for our little princess. I hope you had fun Michelle!


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awww...i bet eulla would enjoy disney! Ü we're thinking of going to disney hong kong in august. Ü i'm excited. maddie's a lot easier than mick when he was her age. he was the type who couldn't sit still. we ended up leaving him at home a lot cause it was too hard taking him out. but with maddie, she seems fine. she stays in her stroller most of the time now. Ü

10:34 PM  

im glad maddie's enjoying her stroller. it must be the comfort they feel in their expensive stroller bwahahah!
keep us posted on your trips! especially the beach and disney hong kong :P

2:20 PM  

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