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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Time for the OUTLET again!

We were at Camarillo a couple of weeks ago with Dad and Mom but I see nothing wrong with going back for some more. So, at 10:30am, we headed to Camarillo Outlet to go on our search for a dress for Eulla and me for Jhelen's debut on July 7. Dada already has a suit and has many choices in neckties, so there's no reason for him to by anything hehehe :D
We went to Saks Fifth Avenue first. Saw a lot of nice dress but it was not the style I was looking for. Instead, I saw a True Religion jeans that I have been wanting for decades (perfect color, perfect fit). I had to get it. Thanks Love...I know you wanted to get it for me! As for other stores, I went to Banana Republic, Max Studio, Betsy Johnson, J. Crew, Max Mara blah blah blah...didn't find anything. I am however still holding on to a dress my love got me from Zara last week...if all fails, I will wear that. As for Eulla, every toddler store I went to had all summer dresses. I have to really go all out to find a dress for my dancing busy bee, Eulla - (she is non-stop).
I hope we find dresses for the occasion soon or budget is kabooom!
(I took pictures from my cellphone because I forgot the camera...I'll post pictures later)


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