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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Universal City Walk

Eumir's cousin Michelle came from the Philippines a week ago and after her tour at San Francisco with Auntie Nene and family, they dropped her off to our place so we can spend some time with her before she went back to the Philippines. She only had a week to tour California so, we were given a day and a half with her :)
For the rest of the Sunday, since they got here around noon, we decided to bring her to Universal City walk. Eumir and I haven't been there since Eumir got here to the States. We were overwhelmed by the crowd. I guess since it's already summer break for the kids and tour season for the tourist, the walk was full of so many people eager to take pictures of the scene. Eulla I guess was overwhelmed too that she was a bit antsy. She would rather walk than be seated in her stroller. Eumir gave her a few chances of running around the city walk but it was too stressful letting her walk by herself. She can bump into people, trip on the stairs, and even get lost. So, we basically just hanged around long enough to do the strut all around Universal City Walk. Oh, we also had to chance to have Eulla and Michelle drawn by a cartoonist. Their portrait was drawn and airbrushed by a guy who seemed like he really knows what he was doing. Eulla however didn't stay long enough for him to add a few touches to her portrait but they both came out pretty cute and funny!
Take a pose!


posted by Eubelle at 11:17 PM


wow! looks like fun! Ü

10:30 PM  

it was fun but eulla kept running everywhere especially when she saw the water many kids running around so wet.

2:22 PM  

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