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Monday, July 30, 2007

Preparation Part I

I wasn't quite satisfied with our shopping time during the weekend that Eulla and I decided to go back to Topanga Mall to look for other clothes for the luau. We also need to start preparing for another one of Eulla's Ninang's debut. Ninang Casey is having her debut on September 2. We have plenty of time to look for our dresses. It is a "black tie" occasion so this needs ample time to prepare for it.

Since Mom and Dad are still at Virginia for Jun's graduation, we had plenty of time to relax at the Mall. Eulla and I usually go to my parents house daily from Monday-Thursday. FYI.

Eulla and I were at the Topanga Mall for almost 4 hours. I loved this day because Eulla decided to work with me and behave like Mommy's little girl. Once we got to the mall, Eulla and I passed by Zara and did a couple of shopping there. Then we went to several store for Eulla's outfit (Naartje, Jack and Janie, and Baby GAP). There was a sale in Naartje that I was able to get her a whole outfit from head to toe. After that, I brought Eulla to the playtown and it was so fun because there wasn't a lot of kids. I had Eulla run around for almost an hour until she was the one who decided to pull me into her stroller. I gave her some of her snacks and after 5 minutes of strolling, Eulla was asleep in her stroller. This was my time. I was able to stroll around and shop for 2 hours. Again...I love this day! By the end of the day, this is how Eulla's stroller looked like.

I also decided to just sit back and have my Mocha drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf while Eulla was asleep. This is better than Starbucks guys! I love everything about this coffee shop.

My view while I was enjoying my drink and reading a magazine


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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mall time means shoppping time

Hah! This is my favorite time of the week, the weekend! It is when we don't have too many things planned and Eumir gives in, in bringing Eulla and me to the mall for activities and some entertainment (girls, you all know what I mean). Since we did plan this at the spur of the moment, I decided to make shopping an errand as well. Eumir's work is having a luau on the third week of August and we needed to find outfits for the three of us so we can all match. There's also a catch to this occasion. Since it will be in the afternoon till night time, it will get cold. And like last year, Eulla and I had a change of clothes for the cold weather since it is at the beach. We had to search for two outfits, one for the hot sunny afternoon and one for the evening.

Some of Eulla's clothes

(Note: H&M just opened Thursday. A lot of clothes for the whole family. There's a 2 storey level of H&M) - Ate Miriam...I know your going to rush there. You've been waiting for their store to open at Toapnaga hahaha! See you there!

We went to Topanga Mall so that we have more choices in stores and Eulla can ride the carousel and run around the mall for exercise.

After spending time at the mall for over 3 hours, we went to Ralphs to do some grocery shopping. I love this Ralphs at Devonshire because they provide kids a sort of entertainment so that you can finish up your grocery list while they are preoccupied. The only thing is that we had to choose a boy color shopping cart because the other girly colors look dirty and it will take a while for me to clean it. I always carry some baby wipes with me when we go grocery shopping so I can wipe the shopping card and make sure it's germ free for Eulla.


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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Babies R Us

Eulla's boxes of Pampers Cruisers were almost gone so Eumir, Eulla and I went to Babies R Us late afternoon. Babies R Us is like heaven for my little girl. Eumir makes her run from end to end of this store (it is huge) while I get the stuff we need. Once we get to Eulla's favorite part of the store, she would just browes as if she's trying everything. If she sees something she likes, she will give me her "puti" (her st. patrick lampin - which she never leave home without) and try out a toy or car or bike for this matter.

Daddy, a bike for her birthday?!?! What do you think?

I decided that after we have finished her Pampers Cruisers 4, I figured we should move on to the Pampers Easy Ups. The pampers cruisers flaps are giving her bruise marks at the sides of her thighs because Eulla is a very active baby. She runs like heck now and climbs everything she can so even the pamper cruisers is not built for the way she moves. hahahah!

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A new thang :P

While waiting for Eumir to get home from work, I introduced to Eulla a new rave in town. It's been concentrating on comercials so that kids would try it and you know what, I am a sucker for those kinds of things, so I bought her a box of it while we were grocery shopping the other day. I was so excited for her to try it.

It is the Fruit Loop Cereal Straws. Instead on the conventional way of eating cereal, this new snack will have your kids enjoy as well as eat their cereal till the last grain. Here is Eulla eating her Fruit Loop Cereal Straw. By the way, it also comes in Cocoa flavor but knowing Daddy Eumir, he wouldnt permit it.


Eulla for some reason also started calling Eumir "Daddy" instead of Dada but she still cant say Mom, Mama, or Mommy :( I am so jealous when she yells out Daddy...what about me boohoo!!!Here is Eulla multi-tasking. Eating and Dancing at the same time. Enjoy watching her! Just click on the play button.


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Friday, July 20, 2007

Party at Mom's house

Mom decided to host a party for a co-worker at their house. It's a birthday party for Christy. Her 25th birthday. It was just a simple get together but it was a fun night for Eulla. Eulla enjoyed the singing during the party. Christy is a really good singer. As in really good! She even made it to the group cut of American Idol. Listening to her was so relaxing. When she would sing a fast up beat song, Eulla would dance and shake her booty. Too bad, I sent the original video clip to Jun. Maybe once Jun uploads it, I'll ask him to send it to me.
Eulla and Bernie having their YAKULT

Bernie & Ethan


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Monday, July 16, 2007

Mag exercise tayo...

Eulla is such a copy cat now a days. She saw her Dada streaching in the living room and she just copied what he was doing. It was so funny. Here are some of their pictures together.

to the left...and to the right...I can do that too Dada

look :P

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I forgot...

So many things went on for the month of June that I forgot to post about Eulla changing her diaper size. She is now a size 4 (for 23lbs-37lbs). The number 3 on pamper cruisers that she used to wear, I have to change constantly or else, she will have an accident. Eumir and I got her started on the Pampers Cruiser 4 the 2nd week of June. We got her several boxes of Pampers from Babies R Us. We also bought her a box of Huggies Pull Ups (Princess Edition) from Costco, so that I can introduce potty training to Eulla. We got Eulla a White Bjorn Potty Chair because according to an article I read, its best to keep the potty chair plain and simple.
We chose the BabyBjorn because it was rated one of the six picks to make potty training easier.

Eulla might be ready for potty training because once her diaper is full, she insist that I either give her bath (because she knows that's one way of getting me to take off her pampers) or she pulls and tugs on her pampers till its off. I don't want to rush her because a lot of the articles specified not to force them but, just in case she is, we are ready to get started. I will try the basic attempts and see how she reacts to it but for the mean time, we've tried to have Eulla feel as comfortable with her potty chair as possible.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

20 Months

Since Eumir had work today, we waited till he got home to celebrate Eulla's 20th monthsary. We figured we've been doing a lot since the weekend, we decided we'll just have a simple American dinner. We went to Costco since we needed to buy a bulk of Eulla's soy milk and other stuff. But before shopping for groceries, we ate at the food court. We got Eulla her favorite pepperoni pizza and her vanilla yogurt.


Wala na...all gone
(She knows how to say "wala na" but its more of action and sounds like "la na")

After the all American dinner, we went on to our errands. While shopping for food, we saw that they had ANTS DVD. Dada decided Eulla should have this DVD too. He was also asking me to look for Bugs Life but we didn't have any luck. Maybe next time. We practically have all her DVDs memorized AGAIN that we had to get her other DVDs.


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Sunday, July 08, 2007

At San Diego Suite

We checked in at a suite for the occasion Saturday afternoon. Since we we're not there the whole Saturday afternoon, we decided to take advantage of the pool the following day. Eulla and Dada enjoyed relaxing in the pool. Why am I not in the pictures you asked? I am the photographer. I enjoy seing my 2 babies have fun.
All done...


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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jhelen's Debut 070707

We went to San Diego for Jhelen's 18th Birthday (Eumir's cousin - Eulla's Ninang). It was at Anchors Catering & Conference Center which is located with in the Navy Base. Eulla was suppose to walk with the court but she was so moody that day, she just ended up crying and walking with me and not with her escort :( After we gave Eulla her triaminic melt aways (cold and cough decongestant), she became more and more relaxed and ended up playing with other kids. She even wanted to always be in the dance floor. When Eulla saw people giving her Ninang Jhelen gifts, she copied everyone by running to her Ninang and giving her an imaginary gift more than 18 times. I will just let the picture tell the story.

Dad and Mom
Joseph, Eumir, Jhelen, Me and Auntie Nene

And the best part of the party in terms of our baby eulla...

love mo sha anak...

Eulla and Nemo (Eulla's 3rd cousin)

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Friday, July 06, 2007

Bath Time...Bath Time...Bath Time

Once Eulla and I wake up in the morning, we have a routine that we try to stick to. This morning, I was not quite into the routine because I was trying to get ready for our trip to San Diego for the weekend. I had to pack our bags and make sure that Eulla has enough clothes to change into, pampers, wipes and all the other necessities.

Usually, right after breakfast, we relax for a few minutes then get ready for "bath time". I would yell out "bath time" so she would know that she needs to take off her clothes. Well, I was able to video Eulla upset because I didnt stick to our schedule. Here she is telling me it's "bath time". I was not able to get a video of her at the beginning yelling bath time, bath time bath time with matching tippy toes. She was so upset. Bwahahaha. But she did say it twice in this video.



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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of JULY

I had an appointment early morning to get a facial. I have not had one for the longest time. It's because I have not found one that is somewhat like the facials I get from the Philippines. Facials I've gotten several months ago was very disappointing. They just massaged my face and put a few moisturizers and that was it! Talk about about a pricey facial that I could've don't myself. Finally, I found a place that does exactly what I want done. It's Ellen's sisters. You know, Ellen's at Timog? Well, these are her sister here in the states. They told me no one ever sit and picks ones face for more than 30 minutes here. They were right. I was there from 11am to 12:30pm. I was a satisfied customer. Anyways, I went with Mom while Dad just sat at the waiting lounge and played with Mom's treo. I left my love and Eulla at home while they bond :P

Eulla playing her soccer ball outside Mom and Dad's house before the fireworks.


After the facial, Mom, Dad and I passed by Isla Grill to get some barbecue and their famous 911 (deep fried pork bellys). Instead of asking Eumir to grill some meat outside, under the heat of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we just bought the barbecues. We had lunch at our place and relaxed for a few hours. After that, we headed to Manila Sunset to buy some halo-halo, mais con yielo and bibinka for our mirienda. Then we went to Mom and Dad's place to watch the fireworks in Carey Ranch overlooking view (we have been watching the fireworks for the past 4 years). We waited for the sun to go down around 8:30pm before even going outside so that Eulla can appreciate it. She was not even scared of the loud popping sound around the neighborhood. A lot of our Filipino neighbor were doing their own fireworks even if it was not allowed hehehe. When it got dark enough for us to see the fireworks, we walked up to the overlooking view. We watched the fireworks for more than 30 minutes while Dad and Eumir chatted. Eulla had a cold and was really sleepy by 9:00pm so we walked back to the house and had her drink her milk so she can get ready to go to sleep. We stayed at the Mom and Dad's house till almost 10 pm and then we went home. The pictures didnt turn out as clear because it was dark but here are some of it.
Walking up to the overlooking view


Blurry fireworks

Eulla's reaction to the fireworks. She kept saying WOW.

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