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Monday, July 09, 2007

20 Months

Since Eumir had work today, we waited till he got home to celebrate Eulla's 20th monthsary. We figured we've been doing a lot since the weekend, we decided we'll just have a simple American dinner. We went to Costco since we needed to buy a bulk of Eulla's soy milk and other stuff. But before shopping for groceries, we ate at the food court. We got Eulla her favorite pepperoni pizza and her vanilla yogurt.


Wala na...all gone
(She knows how to say "wala na" but its more of action and sounds like "la na")

After the all American dinner, we went on to our errands. While shopping for food, we saw that they had ANTS DVD. Dada decided Eulla should have this DVD too. He was also asking me to look for Bugs Life but we didn't have any luck. Maybe next time. We practically have all her DVDs memorized AGAIN that we had to get her other DVDs.


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happy 20 months, eulla! Ü

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