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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of JULY

I had an appointment early morning to get a facial. I have not had one for the longest time. It's because I have not found one that is somewhat like the facials I get from the Philippines. Facials I've gotten several months ago was very disappointing. They just massaged my face and put a few moisturizers and that was it! Talk about about a pricey facial that I could've don't myself. Finally, I found a place that does exactly what I want done. It's Ellen's sisters. You know, Ellen's at Timog? Well, these are her sister here in the states. They told me no one ever sit and picks ones face for more than 30 minutes here. They were right. I was there from 11am to 12:30pm. I was a satisfied customer. Anyways, I went with Mom while Dad just sat at the waiting lounge and played with Mom's treo. I left my love and Eulla at home while they bond :P

Eulla playing her soccer ball outside Mom and Dad's house before the fireworks.

After the facial, Mom, Dad and I passed by Isla Grill to get some barbecue and their famous 911 (deep fried pork bellys). Instead of asking Eumir to grill some meat outside, under the heat of 100 degrees Fahrenheit, we just bought the barbecues. We had lunch at our place and relaxed for a few hours. After that, we headed to Manila Sunset to buy some halo-halo, mais con yielo and bibinka for our mirienda. Then we went to Mom and Dad's place to watch the fireworks in Carey Ranch overlooking view (we have been watching the fireworks for the past 4 years). We waited for the sun to go down around 8:30pm before even going outside so that Eulla can appreciate it. She was not even scared of the loud popping sound around the neighborhood. A lot of our Filipino neighbor were doing their own fireworks even if it was not allowed hehehe. When it got dark enough for us to see the fireworks, we walked up to the overlooking view. We watched the fireworks for more than 30 minutes while Dad and Eumir chatted. Eulla had a cold and was really sleepy by 9:00pm so we walked back to the house and had her drink her milk so she can get ready to go to sleep. We stayed at the Mom and Dad's house till almost 10 pm and then we went home. The pictures didnt turn out as clear because it was dark but here are some of it.
Walking up to the overlooking view

Blurry fireworks

Eulla's reaction to the fireworks. She kept saying WOW.

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