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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Babies R Us

Eulla's boxes of Pampers Cruisers were almost gone so Eumir, Eulla and I went to Babies R Us late afternoon. Babies R Us is like heaven for my little girl. Eumir makes her run from end to end of this store (it is huge) while I get the stuff we need. Once we get to Eulla's favorite part of the store, she would just browes as if she's trying everything. If she sees something she likes, she will give me her "puti" (her st. patrick lampin - which she never leave home without) and try out a toy or car or bike for this matter.

Daddy, a bike for her birthday?!?! What do you think?

I decided that after we have finished her Pampers Cruisers 4, I figured we should move on to the Pampers Easy Ups. The pampers cruisers flaps are giving her bruise marks at the sides of her thighs because Eulla is a very active baby. She runs like heck now and climbs everything she can so even the pamper cruisers is not built for the way she moves. hahahah!

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