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Friday, July 06, 2007

Bath Time...Bath Time...Bath Time

Once Eulla and I wake up in the morning, we have a routine that we try to stick to. This morning, I was not quite into the routine because I was trying to get ready for our trip to San Diego for the weekend. I had to pack our bags and make sure that Eulla has enough clothes to change into, pampers, wipes and all the other necessities.

Usually, right after breakfast, we relax for a few minutes then get ready for "bath time". I would yell out "bath time" so she would know that she needs to take off her clothes. Well, I was able to video Eulla upset because I didnt stick to our schedule. Here she is telling me it's "bath time". I was not able to get a video of her at the beginning yelling bath time, bath time bath time with matching tippy toes. She was so upset. Bwahahaha. But she did say it twice in this video.


posted by Eubelle at 4:07 PM


She's so cute talaga! Grabe! How disciplined! She really sticks to her schedule ha! Great training Belle!!! =)

7:34 AM  

Thank you! She likes sticking to a routine. If it changes, she gets really cranky especially her nap time.
She was so upset because I didnt even brush her hair when she woke up. She likes looking at herself in the mirror. She saw her hair was a mess. Hahaha...wish you could've seen how upset she was.

1:51 PM  

Hahaha! Kaya pala upset! Kasi her hair wasn't brushed! Heehee! Vain! Kanino nagmana Belle? I wonder! Hahaha!

9:10 AM  

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