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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I forgot...

So many things went on for the month of June that I forgot to post about Eulla changing her diaper size. She is now a size 4 (for 23lbs-37lbs). The number 3 on pamper cruisers that she used to wear, I have to change constantly or else, she will have an accident. Eumir and I got her started on the Pampers Cruiser 4 the 2nd week of June. We got her several boxes of Pampers from Babies R Us. We also bought her a box of Huggies Pull Ups (Princess Edition) from Costco, so that I can introduce potty training to Eulla. We got Eulla a White Bjorn Potty Chair because according to an article I read, its best to keep the potty chair plain and simple.
We chose the BabyBjorn because it was rated one of the six picks to make potty training easier.

Eulla might be ready for potty training because once her diaper is full, she insist that I either give her bath (because she knows that's one way of getting me to take off her pampers) or she pulls and tugs on her pampers till its off. I don't want to rush her because a lot of the articles specified not to force them but, just in case she is, we are ready to get started. I will try the basic attempts and see how she reacts to it but for the mean time, we've tried to have Eulla feel as comfortable with her potty chair as possible.

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