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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jhelen's Debut 070707

We went to San Diego for Jhelen's 18th Birthday (Eumir's cousin - Eulla's Ninang). It was at Anchors Catering & Conference Center which is located with in the Navy Base. Eulla was suppose to walk with the court but she was so moody that day, she just ended up crying and walking with me and not with her escort :( After we gave Eulla her triaminic melt aways (cold and cough decongestant), she became more and more relaxed and ended up playing with other kids. She even wanted to always be in the dance floor. When Eulla saw people giving her Ninang Jhelen gifts, she copied everyone by running to her Ninang and giving her an imaginary gift more than 18 times. I will just let the picture tell the story.

Dad and Mom
Joseph, Eumir, Jhelen, Me and Auntie Nene

And the best part of the party in terms of our baby eulla...

love mo sha anak...

Eulla and Nemo (Eulla's 3rd cousin)

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posted by Eubelle at 11:56 PM


awww...cute! is she teething? think maddie's 2nd molars are coming out too. she's been super clingy and moody.

9:38 PM  

i've been waiting for her 2nd molars to come out. i cant really see it. but she has been so super clingy. she wont even go with anyone but me and eumir. she likes to me carried lately and her cold isnt so bad, so it might be coming out soon.

2:36 PM  

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