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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Mall time means shoppping time

Hah! This is my favorite time of the week, the weekend! It is when we don't have too many things planned and Eumir gives in, in bringing Eulla and me to the mall for activities and some entertainment (girls, you all know what I mean). Since we did plan this at the spur of the moment, I decided to make shopping an errand as well. Eumir's work is having a luau on the third week of August and we needed to find outfits for the three of us so we can all match. There's also a catch to this occasion. Since it will be in the afternoon till night time, it will get cold. And like last year, Eulla and I had a change of clothes for the cold weather since it is at the beach. We had to search for two outfits, one for the hot sunny afternoon and one for the evening.

Some of Eulla's clothes

(Note: H&M just opened Thursday. A lot of clothes for the whole family. There's a 2 storey level of H&M) - Ate Miriam...I know your going to rush there. You've been waiting for their store to open at Toapnaga hahaha! See you there!

We went to Topanga Mall so that we have more choices in stores and Eulla can ride the carousel and run around the mall for exercise.

After spending time at the mall for over 3 hours, we went to Ralphs to do some grocery shopping. I love this Ralphs at Devonshire because they provide kids a sort of entertainment so that you can finish up your grocery list while they are preoccupied. The only thing is that we had to choose a boy color shopping cart because the other girly colors look dirty and it will take a while for me to clean it. I always carry some baby wipes with me when we go grocery shopping so I can wipe the shopping card and make sure it's germ free for Eulla.


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