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Monday, July 30, 2007

Preparation Part I

I wasn't quite satisfied with our shopping time during the weekend that Eulla and I decided to go back to Topanga Mall to look for other clothes for the luau. We also need to start preparing for another one of Eulla's Ninang's debut. Ninang Casey is having her debut on September 2. We have plenty of time to look for our dresses. It is a "black tie" occasion so this needs ample time to prepare for it.

Since Mom and Dad are still at Virginia for Jun's graduation, we had plenty of time to relax at the Mall. Eulla and I usually go to my parents house daily from Monday-Thursday. FYI.

Eulla and I were at the Topanga Mall for almost 4 hours. I loved this day because Eulla decided to work with me and behave like Mommy's little girl. Once we got to the mall, Eulla and I passed by Zara and did a couple of shopping there. Then we went to several store for Eulla's outfit (Naartje, Jack and Janie, and Baby GAP). There was a sale in Naartje that I was able to get her a whole outfit from head to toe. After that, I brought Eulla to the playtown and it was so fun because there wasn't a lot of kids. I had Eulla run around for almost an hour until she was the one who decided to pull me into her stroller. I gave her some of her snacks and after 5 minutes of strolling, Eulla was asleep in her stroller. This was my time. I was able to stroll around and shop for 2 hours. Again...I love this day! By the end of the day, this is how Eulla's stroller looked like.

I also decided to just sit back and have my Mocha drink from The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf while Eulla was asleep. This is better than Starbucks guys! I love everything about this coffee shop.

My view while I was enjoying my drink and reading a magazine


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