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Sunday, July 01, 2007

To ALL the girls...SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hear ye, hear ye...since yesterday afternoon most of the clothes at ZARA is on SALE. I went to ZARA and they are having the biggest SUMMER sale!
At Century City Westfield Mall

I only had a chance to look at ZARA yesterday at Century City Mall for 5 minutes and I was able to get a black and white dress. Dresses and cute tops that were $100 are on SALE for $59.99 and some are $34.99 plus tax of course! Eulla was crying and giving Eumir a hard time outside of ZARA, so we had to go. I was so bummed out that my loving husband promised me that he will bring me to ZARA today and be able to shop longer.
Now, I just got back from Topanga Mall. I only went to ZARA. I was able to find me 3 cute dresses and 3 tops. Oh my gosh, I'm on cloud 9 right now. I couldn't stop myself until I added up everything I bought. Since I found my dress for July 7 (Jhelens debut), I had to STOP. I now have 4 dress for the occasion bwahahaha! My dress for the occasion is a surprise. Its my favorite among all the dresses I got. I am just so glad that my husband works his butt off to spoil me and Eulla rotten.

So GIRLS...better get a move on...the SALE is on for a while but small sizes are running out.


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