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Friday, August 31, 2007

Lackwatcha Time

It is over a hundred degrees outside but since its Friday, we just had to take advantage of Daddy's free time. He is always home by 12 noon. After lunch, Eulla took her nap. Right after she woke up from her nap, we left for the mall at Sherman Oaks - Fashion Square. We went to Bloomingdales to look at their 40% off SALE. Daddy and Eulla got bored waiting for me looking at the racks that they decided to go to the playtown.
Right after strolling around Fashion Square, we went to Northridge Mall to visit their Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Daddy Eumir had to buy a book. While Daddy looked for his book, Eulla and I also browsed their books at the toddler area. Eulla wasn't so excited at the kids section because she wanted to go where Daddy was at. So, as soon as we found Daddy, Eulla grabbed a book that seemed interesting to her...
The big book of leadership...hmmm...maybe Eulla wants to be a president!?!
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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eulla doing chores

Take a look at my little ms. masipag...

Eulla stacking the bottled water in the cabinet.


Daddy helping Eulla with the water to encourage her to keep going.

Its not hard to teach Eulla to do stuff because she likes to copy me and Daddy. Every time Eulla sees me vacuuming, she tries to help right away. When something spills, she immediately wipes the spill with her puti. I would always stop her because her puti is her security blanket and I want to keep it clean but I guess its good that she has the instinct to clean up after her mess.

Since she started using pampers pull ups, she also tries to take it off by herself and puts the used pampers in the trash. We can also ask her to do things for us. She likes being praised so I can tell she really tries her best.

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Saturday, August 25, 2007

San Diego Trip

We were at San Diego by 12:30PM. It took us 3 hours to get there. We went straight to the park where the Iba, Zambales Fiesta was being held. We were 30 minutes late but it was okay. We didnt have to go in line to get food at the buffet table.

Even before we started getting our food, Eulla had her eye on the playground. She was determined to drag us there first but we had to be firm and have her eat her lunch. As soon as she felt full and she saw that her Daddy was done eating, without hesitations, she grabbed her Daddy's hand and pulled him towards the playground. Look how big it is. She had so many slide to choose from.

This was just a part of the playground


First time Daddy let go of Eulla to go down the slide


Eulla running around the playground


Eulla got her confident and can slide down on her own

Note: I guess its more of me and Daddy getting our confident, letting go of her. We were much more scared of letting go than she was.

It got too hot for her to stay in the playground that we had to play with Eulla on the shaded area.

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Point Dume, Malibu

Every year, Sikand Engineering (where Eumir works), have a company picnic at Malibu Beach, Point Dume. They have different themes yearly. This year it was called Sikand by the Sea. The weather was nice. Once Eulla saw the sand, she just ran towards the beach. Eulla is still scared of the water at the beach because of the waves. She starts screaming for "Daddy" every time the water is about to reach her feet. There were several activities like sand castle contest, find the coin and volleyball. Overall, we had a lot of fun. Enjoy the pictures!

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Cesar's Birthday

We went to San Dimas for Cesar's 40th birthday (my cousin's husband). We left San Fernando Valley around 6:ooPM and got there a little past 7:00PM.
Once we got there, Eulla ran to the bonus room and played with all the toys. Since this was a baby proofed house, we didnt mind leaving her in the room. Cesar has two boys, one is almost 5 years old and one is 8 months old. So, their house were full of toys. Eulla didnt even feel bored at any time. We were there till 11:00PM.

Eulla playing

Eulla eating her dinner

Eulla and Cousin Bryant

Irene counting if there are 40 candles

Me, lighting the 40 candles

Happy 40th Birthday Cesar!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Channel Island

We went to Channel Island Oxnard, Fisherman's Wharf today because Eumir had a sudden craving for prawns and spider crabs. We went around lunch time because we waited for Mom and Dad. After over an hour of travel (traffic was bad!), we finally got there. We ordered some prawns, spider crabs, tilapia, and clam chowder for Eulla. Eulla is usually asleep when we eat at Fishermans Wharf. But this time, she was wide awake. So after our lunch, she explored the place. She ran and played with her grandparents while Eumir and I finished up our lunch.

Since it is on the way to Camarillo Outlet, we decided to go there after our delicious lunch! Eulla enjoyed shopping and running around the stores. She is such a shopaholic. She knows how to try on stuff and pretends to buy it. She even wanted to carry all the shopping bags.

Eulla's Baby GAP stuffOh, and for the record, Eulla is now a size 7. Mommy Perla got her a pair of Kenneth Cole dress shoes for Ninang Casey's Debut.

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

21 Months

It's the 9th of the month again and that's Eulla's monthsary. Eulla is 21 months today. Eulla already shows a lot of character. She loves to dance and listen to music. She likes to mimic everything we do. She's already trying to drink from her own backyardigan cup without any assistance from us. She has better control of her tipping the glass and sipping just the right amount. Eumir and I are so proud of her. Every little accomplishment is a big event for us *wink*
Eulla still sucks her thumb and still has her "puti" with her all the time. It is her security blanket. She has a pretty good routine. When she wakes up in the morning, she asks for breakfast and is specific on what she wants. She goes to our cupboard and pinpoints if she wants cereal, bread or pancakes. When Daddy Eumir is home on the weekends, he usually cooks breakfast for me and Eulla. Right after breakfast, she know that once I lay her clothes on the bed, its bath time. When we are ready to leave home and go to Sylmar, mall or the park, she already has landmarks memorized and yells out either Daddy Pogi or Justin when were on our way to Sylmar (my parents house) or yells and clap when we are parking at the mall.
Eulla sleeps through the night unless she is feeling bad. Once I give her a bottle around 5 or 6 in the morning, she still goes back to sleep unless she sees her Daddy Eumir get up for work. She kisses and "loves" her Daddy until he leaves for work. Sometimes, Eumir ends up leaving a little late because he cant resist his baby girl. Eulla also knows how to butter us up. She likes to change the topic when she is about to get some scolding. She kisses us by saying sorry. Once you see her pouting lips, you'll forget why she was in trouble!
Eulla knows how to say hi and bye. She says bath time and umm time (which means eating time). She also says delicious (what a long word huh!). She can say Daddy really well but not Mommy nor Mama (sob, sob, sob). She can even say Justin (my borther's dog) now what's wrong with that!!! The day she starts calling me, I will record it boohooo....

Here is Eulla watching Lion King at my parents house

Eulla eating the brownies I got for her monthsary

At home, I bought some lechon kawali and inihaw na baboy at Isla Grill for our dinner. Eulla enjoyed dinner and finished everything on her plate. She even ate without any assistance. She sat in her highchair and I just cut out her inihaw na baboy in little pieces and mashed the rice with a little soy sauce and she ate everything.


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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Trying it on!

Eulla cried so hard when I refused for her to try on my shoes. I was afraid she might sprain her ankles because the heals were to high for her. Here she is sobbing while I finally gave in...

I got it on Mom! Look I can walk in it...I told ya!

Once Eumir got home from work, we took Eulla to the playtown at Topanga Mall for some stretching and exercise. Instead of bringing her to the park, we brought her here because the weather has been scorching hot!

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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fashion Square

After going on Wilson's Leather to get Daddy Eumir a couple of Jackets (in preparation of the winter), we went to Bloomingdales at Fashion Square to look at gowns for Ninang Casey's Debut. Unfortunately, there were not too many available gowns to look at because Prom Season is over. The good news is, Naartjie is still having their SALE. Daddy Eumir loved the clothes that I got for Eulla that he said to get her a couple more in different colors. I was so excited to hear that from Daddy Eumir that I didn't even say a word. I just left them at the playtown outside of Bloomingdales and I went to Naartjie. There were more marked off so I ended up getting Eulla some dress. Perfect for the simple occasions that were coming up. Just watch out for my baby fashionista. I'll just take pictures of her wearing them.
Mommy, lets stop and smell the flowers...


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Friday, August 03, 2007

Krispy Kreme

There was a time when I was pregnant and I asked Eumir to go and get me Krispy Kreme in the middle of the night. During the time when I was pregnant with Eulla, there were several Krispy Kreme around our area. One in Topanga and one in Van Nuys but after more than a year, Krispy Kreme went through a tough economic problem and closed out most of their stores leaving us with one that is about 15 miles away from our place (Burbank).

After having dinner, the three of us went to Krispy Kreme at Burbank. This was the first time Eulla was to taste this. It was perfect timing when we got there because they were making donuts. She saw how the fried donuts were rolled through a gushing syrupy sugar. She was in tippy toes to see all the action that was taking place and all she can saw was WOW. As if she knew what was going on. At the end of the glass window of the factory, they gave her a piece of donut which she was very hesitant to take. I took it and gave it to her Daddy to hold. They both went to the table while I ordered several dozens of their original glaze and a few peices of assorted donuts. Once I got to the table, the whole donut was gone. Daddy said that Eulla at first didn't want any. She just took a snif and said ummm. Then Daddy took a bite and that did it all for Eulla. The next time he offered, she took a bite. Then he said every after bite, her bite was getting bigger and bigger until oh oh, it was all gone! She enjoyed that donut. We took pictures inside and outside the store and by the time she was in her car seat, she was asking for more. I decided to give her half a donut because Daddy said it's too much sugar for his baby girl. Talk about health conscious.


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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jun's U.S. Army Graduation

Jun (our one and only brother) just graduated from the U.S. Army. This is the last thing we, as his family would come cross his mind but you know what, he enlisted and we are now a proud family of a U.S. Soldier. Through the whole 9 weeks of him being apart from us was mix emotions. All we knew was when our phone rang in the afternoon, he's done something good because he was able to talk to us for ONE minute to let us know that he is doing okay. Which only happened 4 times through the whole boot camp. Our only communication with Jun for the whole 9 weeks was writing to each other.
Jun went through strenuous activities from running around 5-20 miles with a bag pack that's 85lbs heavy along with their M-16 rifle in a 100 degree heat, going inside a gas chamber, jumping from a 40 feet wall, and most of all, doing all that with just 4 hours of sleep or sometimes less. Makes you think, "gosh, we are so lucky!"
I guess it gets us all teary eyed because we would have never had Jun do that. We've always spoiled Jun especially my parents. But through all this, Im sure it has taught Jun a lot of things like responsibilities, patience, and most of all appreciation of everything and everyone he has. So here's to Jun! Congratulations and We Love You! (Gulp of champagne)

Jun with General F.M. Villanueva Sr.
(General Building Contractor)
Jun's Drill Sergeant


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