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Thursday, August 09, 2007

21 Months

It's the 9th of the month again and that's Eulla's monthsary. Eulla is 21 months today. Eulla already shows a lot of character. She loves to dance and listen to music. She likes to mimic everything we do. She's already trying to drink from her own backyardigan cup without any assistance from us. She has better control of her tipping the glass and sipping just the right amount. Eumir and I are so proud of her. Every little accomplishment is a big event for us *wink*
Eulla still sucks her thumb and still has her "puti" with her all the time. It is her security blanket. She has a pretty good routine. When she wakes up in the morning, she asks for breakfast and is specific on what she wants. She goes to our cupboard and pinpoints if she wants cereal, bread or pancakes. When Daddy Eumir is home on the weekends, he usually cooks breakfast for me and Eulla. Right after breakfast, she know that once I lay her clothes on the bed, its bath time. When we are ready to leave home and go to Sylmar, mall or the park, she already has landmarks memorized and yells out either Daddy Pogi or Justin when were on our way to Sylmar (my parents house) or yells and clap when we are parking at the mall.
Eulla sleeps through the night unless she is feeling bad. Once I give her a bottle around 5 or 6 in the morning, she still goes back to sleep unless she sees her Daddy Eumir get up for work. She kisses and "loves" her Daddy until he leaves for work. Sometimes, Eumir ends up leaving a little late because he cant resist his baby girl. Eulla also knows how to butter us up. She likes to change the topic when she is about to get some scolding. She kisses us by saying sorry. Once you see her pouting lips, you'll forget why she was in trouble!
Eulla knows how to say hi and bye. She says bath time and umm time (which means eating time). She also says delicious (what a long word huh!). She can say Daddy really well but not Mommy nor Mama (sob, sob, sob). She can even say Justin (my borther's dog) now what's wrong with that!!! The day she starts calling me, I will record it boohooo....

Here is Eulla watching Lion King at my parents house

Eulla eating the brownies I got for her monthsary

At home, I bought some lechon kawali and inihaw na baboy at Isla Grill for our dinner. Eulla enjoyed dinner and finished everything on her plate. She even ate without any assistance. She sat in her highchair and I just cut out her inihaw na baboy in little pieces and mashed the rice with a little soy sauce and she ate everything.


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Happy monthsary Eulla!!!

Hi Belle! Yup! I'm here na!!! I'll give you our contact details as soon as we get settled! =) Hope to be able to visit the West Coast soon!

6:58 AM  

thanks tita tin!

let us know when your in town. enjoy decorating your new place!

10:36 AM  

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