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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Channel Island

We went to Channel Island Oxnard, Fisherman's Wharf today because Eumir had a sudden craving for prawns and spider crabs. We went around lunch time because we waited for Mom and Dad. After over an hour of travel (traffic was bad!), we finally got there. We ordered some prawns, spider crabs, tilapia, and clam chowder for Eulla. Eulla is usually asleep when we eat at Fishermans Wharf. But this time, she was wide awake. So after our lunch, she explored the place. She ran and played with her grandparents while Eumir and I finished up our lunch.

Since it is on the way to Camarillo Outlet, we decided to go there after our delicious lunch! Eulla enjoyed shopping and running around the stores. She is such a shopaholic. She knows how to try on stuff and pretends to buy it. She even wanted to carry all the shopping bags.

Eulla's Baby GAP stuffOh, and for the record, Eulla is now a size 7. Mommy Perla got her a pair of Kenneth Cole dress shoes for Ninang Casey's Debut.

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