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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Eulla doing chores

Take a look at my little ms. masipag...

Eulla stacking the bottled water in the cabinet.


Daddy helping Eulla with the water to encourage her to keep going.

Its not hard to teach Eulla to do stuff because she likes to copy me and Daddy. Every time Eulla sees me vacuuming, she tries to help right away. When something spills, she immediately wipes the spill with her puti. I would always stop her because her puti is her security blanket and I want to keep it clean but I guess its good that she has the instinct to clean up after her mess.

Since she started using pampers pull ups, she also tries to take it off by herself and puts the used pampers in the trash. We can also ask her to do things for us. She likes being praised so I can tell she really tries her best.

posted by Eubelle at 9:21 PM

2 Comments: cute! i think girls like to help out. even maddie helps clean up her toys after she's done playing with them. sometimes all i have to do is ask, while other times i have to sing the "clean up" song. =P i don't remember mick being like that, so i guess it's a girl thing? =P

4:44 PM  

oh, i remember you posting about the clean up song. yeah, maybe your right about girls. bernie wasnt the type to do the things eulla does. even clean up after playing with the toys. but eulla, she puts it all in her toy chest :) were so lucky!

7:25 AM  

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