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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Fashion Square

After going on Wilson's Leather to get Daddy Eumir a couple of Jackets (in preparation of the winter), we went to Bloomingdales at Fashion Square to look at gowns for Ninang Casey's Debut. Unfortunately, there were not too many available gowns to look at because Prom Season is over. The good news is, Naartjie is still having their SALE. Daddy Eumir loved the clothes that I got for Eulla that he said to get her a couple more in different colors. I was so excited to hear that from Daddy Eumir that I didn't even say a word. I just left them at the playtown outside of Bloomingdales and I went to Naartjie. There were more marked off so I ended up getting Eulla some dress. Perfect for the simple occasions that were coming up. Just watch out for my baby fashionista. I'll just take pictures of her wearing them.
Mommy, lets stop and smell the flowers...


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