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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Jun's U.S. Army Graduation

Jun (our one and only brother) just graduated from the U.S. Army. This is the last thing we, as his family would come cross his mind but you know what, he enlisted and we are now a proud family of a U.S. Soldier. Through the whole 9 weeks of him being apart from us was mix emotions. All we knew was when our phone rang in the afternoon, he's done something good because he was able to talk to us for ONE minute to let us know that he is doing okay. Which only happened 4 times through the whole boot camp. Our only communication with Jun for the whole 9 weeks was writing to each other.
Jun went through strenuous activities from running around 5-20 miles with a bag pack that's 85lbs heavy along with their M-16 rifle in a 100 degree heat, going inside a gas chamber, jumping from a 40 feet wall, and most of all, doing all that with just 4 hours of sleep or sometimes less. Makes you think, "gosh, we are so lucky!"
I guess it gets us all teary eyed because we would have never had Jun do that. We've always spoiled Jun especially my parents. But through all this, Im sure it has taught Jun a lot of things like responsibilities, patience, and most of all appreciation of everything and everyone he has. So here's to Jun! Congratulations and We Love You! (Gulp of champagne)

Jun with General F.M. Villanueva Sr.
(General Building Contractor)
Jun's Drill Sergeant


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