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Friday, August 31, 2007

Lackwatcha Time

It is over a hundred degrees outside but since its Friday, we just had to take advantage of Daddy's free time. He is always home by 12 noon. After lunch, Eulla took her nap. Right after she woke up from her nap, we left for the mall at Sherman Oaks - Fashion Square. We went to Bloomingdales to look at their 40% off SALE. Daddy and Eulla got bored waiting for me looking at the racks that they decided to go to the playtown.
Right after strolling around Fashion Square, we went to Northridge Mall to visit their Barnes and Noble Bookstore. Daddy Eumir had to buy a book. While Daddy looked for his book, Eulla and I also browsed their books at the toddler area. Eulla wasn't so excited at the kids section because she wanted to go where Daddy was at. So, as soon as we found Daddy, Eulla grabbed a book that seemed interesting to her...
The big book of leadership...hmmm...maybe Eulla wants to be a president!?!
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