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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Green is the new color fashion trend

Today, we went to Fashion Square at Sherman Oaks. We went to Bloomingdales and BabyGAP only. I was not feeling so well because I had a cold. Actually, the three of us had a clod :( Eumir said that this was my rehab, to make me feel better bwahahaha!
I got some make-up from Chanel because again, its a new season and according to the sales assistant, for lipstick, it should be bright and matte (like red) etc. etc. I didnt pay too much attention because I had my mind set on just buying foundation, mascara, and lipstick.
Once I got to BabyGAP, the sales associate told me that they were having 25% off selected items. That was huge savings. I had to browse that section! She also said that green is the color fashion trend this season so, I went ahead and bought Eulla mostly greens.
I forgot the camera at the car so we didnt get to take pictures of Eulla at the playtown.
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Friday, September 28, 2007


Okay, so its Friday again and we needed to run some errands and go to Macy's to take advantage of the SALE stub we received from the mail. But first, we went to Mid Valley Library to return some DVDs and books. Right after, we went to Northridge Mall.

Eulla was such a good girl. She followed everything I told her to do. Daddy Eumir went straight to Borders Bookstore to look for the books he needed while Eulla and I went to different stores. Eulla just sat on her stroller while she looked at the stuff I was trying to get. She only got off her stroller when we got the the toddler section. She browsed at the clothes and kept saying WOW.

Since its already Autum, Eulla and I had to buy some clothes. Its getting colder already and we needed to change our wardrobe from Summer to Winter. I ended up getting shoes from BCBG and a pair of designer jeans while I got Eulla a Puma track suit. There was not too many things that caught our eyes. We were there for almost 3 hours.
After doing some shopping, we met up with Daddy Eumir outside of Northridge Mall near Borders. Eulla was so happy. She saw a fountain that was gushing with water. She screamed so loud. We couldn't get her to look at the camera.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Teething Symptoms and Potty Training

I think Eulla is teething. Unless this is just another excuse why she has a cold. I just dont know where she would've caught her cold. She does have other symptoms of teething. According to this website, she might be going through it. Here are some of her symptoms:
Irritability, Biting & gnawing, Diarrhea, Cold like symptoms (runny nose, etc.). So just maybe, she might be teething (2nd molar).
Today we went to the Mid-Valley Los Angeles Library. We borrowed several books and two DVDs for Eulla. I got her a DVD called Once Upon a Potty. We just finished watching it and I think she got curious on what her potty chair was used for. I'll try to help her figuring it out but I wont rush her. After all, they said kids tend to be ready by 2 1/2 but since I have noticed Eulla interested in the toilet bowl and the flush, I want her to understand more about it.

We also borrowed Brother Bear 2 just to see if she's interested in other DVDs aside from the one she owns.

By the way, Daddy Eumir ended up coming home exactly at noon today. Since Eulla had a cold, he was not feeling well either. Hopefully its not the flu :(

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


We went to Eulla's class today at 10am. We decided to go to Level 4 class because the Level 5 class we attended last Saturday had a lot of 26 months old kids. Eulla is only 22 months. Once we got in the class today at Level 4, mostly everyone there were Eulla's age. Yey, we finally both feel like we belong. All the mommies I spoke to had the same ideas as I did. Not only did Eulla had fun but I was able to talk to other moms about potty training and other stuff we need to get started for our little ones.
For week 2, Eulla learned STOP and GO. Please visit our album for more pictures.


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Sunday, September 23, 2007


We went to one of Daddy Eumir's favorite place after watching his football games. We went to Borders bookstore. We had to get a book I needed. Here's Eulla having fun inside BORDERS at Northridge Mall.
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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Keileb's 1st Birthday

We went to Keileb's 1st birthday party at Palmdale. It was so cold that I had to dress Eulla in layers. Everyone was shocked to see Eulla. They said that she's gotten big so fast. I think Eulla has finally got used to being around a lot of people. She always hides behind me or Daddy Eumir when she sees new faces. This time, after a few minutes, she stopped hiding behind us and just kept saying hi to everyone.
Eulla having her juice.
Mahangin ba sa labas hahahah! Keileb, Eulla and Isabella playing

The One Million Cake

Happy 1st Birthday KEILEB!!!

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Saturday Gymboree

Today is Eulla's first official day at Gymboree. Her class started at 10:00am. We chose to go to the Saturday class today because we wanted Daddy Eumir to join us with all the activities. Eulla's class is actually every Tuesday at 10AM. We will start to attend the Tuesday class next week. Here is Eulla having a blast at Gymboree Northridge.
With Daddy

With Mommy



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Friday, September 21, 2007

My NEW short hair do

After thinking about it for so long, I knew that I needed a hair cut. My hair is thining out and I am losing so much hair from all the ironing and rebonding I've been doing to it. Its long overdue. It's been so long since I had short hair so, goodbye long hair! boohooo!
I left Daddy and Eulla a little past noon. It was time for me to beautify myself which takes a long time hahaha! I went to The Right Cut to get my haircut. I ended up seeing Czarina and Ivy. I actually just squeezed in between their appointment which left Czarina waiting for me to be done. (Thank you Czarina!) Right after my haircut, I went to Tony's Nail Salon to get a pedicure.
Thanks Daddy Eumir for my alone time! I had a lot of fun and I like my hair a lot. It looks healthier and thicker.


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Eulla and Bernie at Dad's place

Bernie and Eulla playing outside while the weather was perfect!
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sister bonding with kids :)

We met up with Ate and Bernie at A&W Restaurant for lunch right after they were finished with a doctors visit from Kaiser, Panorama City. Eulla was such a good girl. She just sat in the high chair and ate her egg flour soup while the rest of us ate our lunch. I was so proud of her because even if her Daddy was not around to make sure she behaves, it all worked out well. She was a behaved little girl. (Daddy are you proud of your baby?)
Eulla and Bernie watching Backyardigans

After lunch, we went to Ross to kill some time while we waited for Ate's dentist appointment which was across Ross. We ended up buying a couple of toys for both Bernie and Eulla. We waited for Ate at the dentist while both the kids watched Backyardigans in the SUV. When Ate was done, we left to go to Northridge Mall. Old Navy was having 25%off all baby and kids clothes and shoes. We got Eulla, Bernie and Ethan loads of clothes. We hanged around the mall for a few hours. We left around 5PM and went home.
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A visit to the E.R.

When we heard the news at exactly 3:58PM that Bernard (my nephew) is on his way to Henry Mayo Emergency Room via 911 ambulance, my heart pounded so hard, I had to call Mom so we can all be there for him. He had broke his wrist while he was at school.
After a few hours at Henry Mayo, the doctor gave us the news that the two bones on his wrist is broken. They sedated him because he was in terrible pain. He has not seen us yet because when we visited, he was still asleep. The doctor is still figuring out whether he will undergo surgery or if they will just manipulate it so that it can be casted ASAP.
Tomorrow, we will visit him and I'll let you guys know how he's doing.
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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sense of Smell

Looks like Eulla just recently found her sense of smell. Every time we smell something bad, we always tell her "whoooo!!! BAHO." and we squeeze our nose and show her. Daddy was the first one who saw Eulla do this. Just dont ask what she smelt bwahahaha. All I know is that she must have smelt something awful to do this. Eumir just laughed when she did this. A few hours later, she farted and showed me that it was BAHO. So finally, I knew she was consistent and she knew what she was talking about. So for the record, Eulla has found her sense of smell!

Pictures taken 09/17

(I had to catch Eulla make her baho face a day after she learned how to show us it smells BAD)


Eulla babbling something...


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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gymboree vs Kindercare

Its been such a long battle whether it will be Gymboree or Kindercare for Eulla. It's partly my fault why I haven't enrolled Eulla in Gymboree. I am such a cry baby when it comes to taking Eulla to places all by myself. I just cant find enough courage. But since I've have been going to the mall with her alone and it always seems to have worked out really well, I decided that its time and that I can do it.
Saturday morning, we went to Gymboree to inquire and enroll her to the level 5 class. I had an othrodontist appointment at 1PM so Daddy, Eulla and I had to rush to the mall at Northridge. Once we got there, Daddy went to Borders bookstore while I went to Gymboree with Eulla and inquire. I just love this face reaction of Eulla LOL
As for Kindercare, we will enroll her to Kindercare once she turns two. Gymboree will get Eulla ready in many ways for Kindercare. Since Eulla is the only child at the moment, she is so attached to me and her Daddy. Gymboree will help her associate with other kids and will provide some play time together for me and her (well more like exercise for me). Right after her 12 weeks with gymboree, we can take her to Kindercare so that she can learn to be left with a teacher and not Mommy nor Daddy a few days a week. So I can get some free time for myself.

Tapos na!
Pictures taken at the playtown of Northridge Mall

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Friday, September 14, 2007


Yey, its Friday again! This means, Daddy works half the day only and is home by lunch time! We ate our lunch at exactly 12 noon. A few minutes after our lunch, Eulla took her nap. Right after her nap, we headed for Topanga Mall. We had to look for a few things for Eulla and a birthday gift for a celebrant next weekend.
Of course, while we were at Topanga Mall, Eulla and Daddy went to playtown while I shopped around. Unfortunately, after 10 minutes, Daddy called and said that Eulla fell while she was playing so they left the playground and went to the 2 storey carousel. I had all the tokens because I buy them in bulk ahead of time. As soon as I saw them, they were both in a hurry to go in line for the carousel. Eulla doesn't like going to the up and down animals, I dont know why. She would rather go on the bench provided or the sit and spin. Since the sit and spin was occupied by the time they got in the carousel, she sat on the bench. Eulla didnt mind. She was screaming with joy once the carousel started.

After going around twice... Where's Mommy?!? There she is...

Tapos na! Wala na... (This is how Eulla says its done or wala na)

After the mall, we went to CPK to get some take outs. Right after that, we went to Borders. Daddy wanted to look for a book he needed for a personal project. We didn't get to stay long in the bookstore because Eulla cried really loud because she was constipated. Its been so long since she became this way, we were bothered and just decided to go home. It's time for prune juice again ;)

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

22 Months

Not only is it Grandparents day or Sunday Football kickoff but it is also Eulla's 22nd monthsary.
We decided to take it easy today and just stay home and have Eulla play around the house. Daddy also wanted to watch football. But of course, we still had to treat her for one of her favorite snack. We went to a drive thru to buy fries, mc chicken sandwich, chicken mc nuggets and a caramel sundae late afternoon.

We also opened up a new backyardigans DVD for her to watch and relax.

Eulla coloring, using her crayola wonder

There's so many things Eulla can do now. For some reason, today was a big change. We have been hearing Eulla say things more clearly. She used to say ish for this but now, she can say this clearly. She learned how to say eyes and nose while pointing on them today. It was another big event for us. She tugged on my pants to tell me where's her eyes and nose while saying it. I quickly asked her to do it again so that Daddy can witness it and of course, we got so excited that she kept saying eyes over and over again. By the time I was trying to video her saying it she wanted to see what's on the screen on the camera.

Before sleeping, she decided to play at the fridge.
Eulla learning her A B C's

Note: We celebrated Grandparents day the day before at The Original Thai BBQ but I was not able to take pictures :(


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Friday, September 07, 2007

I've been tagged by Tintin

You share 8 things that your readers don't know about you. then at the end you tag 8 other bloggers to keep the fun going.

* each blogger must post these rules first.
* each blogger starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
* bloggers that are tagged need to write on their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
* at the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
* don't forget to leave them a comment telling them they're tagged, and to read your blog.

I dont know 8 people that blog daily but I will tag as much people as I can...

1.My family have always named me as the black sheep but now that we've all grown, that title has vanished. For some reason, I am now someone they got to know and I am now the person that the family can run to. (I guess they've finally got in the same page as I am in)

2.I was 10 years old when we left for the United States. I felt like we were leaving so many good things behind. My parents told my sisters and brother that the life in the states will be different because there will be no yayas, drivers, or maids but there were a lot of good things in stored for us. I finally adjusted to the life in the states and even planned what my life will be but right after I turned 17, my parents decided to bring us back in the Philippines for us to finish up our studies. I was devastated. I thought it was the end of the world. A whole year went by and I still thought of how I can go back to States. After that whole year, I gave in and just tried to adjust to the life in the Philippines. Then something good happened...

3.I met the love of my during my college years at Mapua Institute of Technology. Once we had a chance to talk, for some reason, we both thought...this is the person I will marry. Its odd because when we met each other during my first year in Mapua we didnt really say anything to each other. Then during my 3rd year and his graduating year, I happened to need an expert in Construction Materials subject and everyone pointed to him (this was not the only thing he was good at - he was one of the best in his graduating class in Civil Engineering). Given a chance to talk, I was blown away with his advises with life, studies, and his amusing personality. So after being together for 5 years, we got married :)

4.For some reason, there's always a big change in my life. I always have to adjust. So many things had to be considered. I left the Philippines at 2002 to plan for another life changing event. It was the saddest thing I ever had to do. I left the Philippines with a heavy heart but it had to be done. Eumir and I were together every single day from the day we got together as boyfriend/girlfriend and it was definitely a big change to be apart. I had to find work to be able to petition him. It had to be a company that I will be considered permanent in a few months time to get his papers going. I was determined to do it as fast as I can because all I had in mind was we had to be together soon. I took the first job that was offered to me.

5.I worked as an Administrative Assistant and a Receptionist. By the 3rd day of work, I was ready to leave work and go back to the Philippines. (ha! who do they think they are. After some serious thinking, they are who they are. I'm no longer the owners daughter that gives orders. Adjust-adjust-Adjust) By my 3rd month, I was happy with what I did and the papers for the fiance visa was filed. My boss gave me a bigger responsiblilty after that 3 months and I became a Payroll Coordinator. Several months went by and FINALLY, the fiance visa was APPROVED! I went back to the Philippines to bring my fiance to the United States. We got married 2 days after we arrived here.

6.After going back to work, I was offered a position as Admission Director of a skilled nursing facility in the same company. After thinking about it, I took it being afraid of what's to happen. It all worked out and got good raves on my annual review. I felt proud. But soon after my 2nd year anniversary, Eumir and I planned for me to stop work and start a family. Since then, I have not gone back to work but am very proud to have a super kulit baby girl.

7.During the time when slam books were a fad, at the part where your asked about marriage, I always wrote that I would get married at the age of 27 and so did my LOVE! shhhhh, yep he also filled in those kinds of things bwahahaha!

8.I am so blessed and very happy to have a life that I have. Through out the changes and challenges in my life, I have a lot of what I've always wanted. I have a wonderful husband who is not only a good provider but is my best friend, confidant, and much more. I have a daughter who never ceases to impress me. She is my precious little girl!

I tag...
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Monday, September 03, 2007

3 Day Weekend

Its another day of scorching hot weather. Over 110 degrees Fahrenheit. We decided to go to the mall before heading out to Sylmar to celebrate Labor Day with the family. We just had to make a quick run to Beverly Blvd, LA to pick up Jun's hard drive from one of his friends first.
We went to our favorite mall, Topanga Mall...
Of course, Eulla had to go on the escalator which she seems to think is part of the playground for her.After the escalator, we took her to the carousel. We had to go in the line twice because she wanted the bench instead of the animals that goes up and down while it goes round and round.

Wave Hi to Daddy Eulla!


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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Debut of Ninang Casey

The debut was held at Hyatt Valencia. Casey is one of Eulla's ninang. We are so proud to be able to share this special day with her. After this, I know that it will be harder to see her more often because she started college already. We had to be there!

I was only able to take a few pictures because Eulla was a handful. She didnt want to be restrained in one area. She didnt even stay in her high chair unless she was eating. She enjoyed going under the table and played hide and go seek with everyone around the table. Once she got tired of that, we just went out the ballroom and stayed at the lobby. When we were at the lobby, we saw a couple parents that was out there because their kids were also feeling the same way as Eulla...restrained! They all wanted to be free.
How do you like Eulla's makulit face?!?

As soon as the music played for everyone to dance, Eulla went with Mom and Dad. She loved the lights. She didnt want to leave the dance floor so Daddy and I exchanged with Mom and Dad. Eulla danced for so long, even I gave up. I had to force her out of the dance floor. Eulla LOVES to dance. I wish the video I took wasn't so dark so you all can see.

Eullla and Daddy dancing

We won the center piece!

Happy 18th Birthday Ninang Casey!
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