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Sunday, September 09, 2007

22 Months

Not only is it Grandparents day or Sunday Football kickoff but it is also Eulla's 22nd monthsary.
We decided to take it easy today and just stay home and have Eulla play around the house. Daddy also wanted to watch football. But of course, we still had to treat her for one of her favorite snack. We went to a drive thru to buy fries, mc chicken sandwich, chicken mc nuggets and a caramel sundae late afternoon.

We also opened up a new backyardigans DVD for her to watch and relax.

Eulla coloring, using her crayola wonder

There's so many things Eulla can do now. For some reason, today was a big change. We have been hearing Eulla say things more clearly. She used to say ish for this but now, she can say this clearly. She learned how to say eyes and nose while pointing on them today. It was another big event for us. She tugged on my pants to tell me where's her eyes and nose while saying it. I quickly asked her to do it again so that Daddy can witness it and of course, we got so excited that she kept saying eyes over and over again. By the time I was trying to video her saying it she wanted to see what's on the screen on the camera.

Before sleeping, she decided to play at the fridge.
Eulla learning her A B C's

Note: We celebrated Grandparents day the day before at The Original Thai BBQ but I was not able to take pictures :(


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