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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Debut of Ninang Casey

The debut was held at Hyatt Valencia. Casey is one of Eulla's ninang. We are so proud to be able to share this special day with her. After this, I know that it will be harder to see her more often because she started college already. We had to be there!

I was only able to take a few pictures because Eulla was a handful. She didnt want to be restrained in one area. She didnt even stay in her high chair unless she was eating. She enjoyed going under the table and played hide and go seek with everyone around the table. Once she got tired of that, we just went out the ballroom and stayed at the lobby. When we were at the lobby, we saw a couple parents that was out there because their kids were also feeling the same way as Eulla...restrained! They all wanted to be free.
How do you like Eulla's makulit face?!?

As soon as the music played for everyone to dance, Eulla went with Mom and Dad. She loved the lights. She didnt want to leave the dance floor so Daddy and I exchanged with Mom and Dad. Eulla danced for so long, even I gave up. I had to force her out of the dance floor. Eulla LOVES to dance. I wish the video I took wasn't so dark so you all can see.

Eullla and Daddy dancing

We won the center piece!

Happy 18th Birthday Ninang Casey!
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