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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Green is the new color fashion trend

Today, we went to Fashion Square at Sherman Oaks. We went to Bloomingdales and BabyGAP only. I was not feeling so well because I had a cold. Actually, the three of us had a clod :( Eumir said that this was my rehab, to make me feel better bwahahaha!
I got some make-up from Chanel because again, its a new season and according to the sales assistant, for lipstick, it should be bright and matte (like red) etc. etc. I didnt pay too much attention because I had my mind set on just buying foundation, mascara, and lipstick.
Once I got to BabyGAP, the sales associate told me that they were having 25% off selected items. That was huge savings. I had to browse that section! She also said that green is the color fashion trend this season so, I went ahead and bought Eulla mostly greens.
I forgot the camera at the car so we didnt get to take pictures of Eulla at the playtown.
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