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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Gymboree vs Kindercare

Its been such a long battle whether it will be Gymboree or Kindercare for Eulla. It's partly my fault why I haven't enrolled Eulla in Gymboree. I am such a cry baby when it comes to taking Eulla to places all by myself. I just cant find enough courage. But since I've have been going to the mall with her alone and it always seems to have worked out really well, I decided that its time and that I can do it.
Saturday morning, we went to Gymboree to inquire and enroll her to the level 5 class. I had an othrodontist appointment at 1PM so Daddy, Eulla and I had to rush to the mall at Northridge. Once we got there, Daddy went to Borders bookstore while I went to Gymboree with Eulla and inquire. I just love this face reaction of Eulla LOL
As for Kindercare, we will enroll her to Kindercare once she turns two. Gymboree will get Eulla ready in many ways for Kindercare. Since Eulla is the only child at the moment, she is so attached to me and her Daddy. Gymboree will help her associate with other kids and will provide some play time together for me and her (well more like exercise for me). Right after her 12 weeks with gymboree, we can take her to Kindercare so that she can learn to be left with a teacher and not Mommy nor Daddy a few days a week. So I can get some free time for myself.

Tapos na!
Pictures taken at the playtown of Northridge Mall

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