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Friday, September 21, 2007

My NEW short hair do

After thinking about it for so long, I knew that I needed a hair cut. My hair is thining out and I am losing so much hair from all the ironing and rebonding I've been doing to it. Its long overdue. It's been so long since I had short hair so, goodbye long hair! boohooo!
I left Daddy and Eulla a little past noon. It was time for me to beautify myself which takes a long time hahaha! I went to The Right Cut to get my haircut. I ended up seeing Czarina and Ivy. I actually just squeezed in between their appointment which left Czarina waiting for me to be done. (Thank you Czarina!) Right after my haircut, I went to Tony's Nail Salon to get a pedicure.
Thanks Daddy Eumir for my alone time! I had a lot of fun and I like my hair a lot. It looks healthier and thicker.


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