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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Pictorial at People Picture

Since we are getting dolled up for Ninang Casey's Debut, I made an appointment with The People Picture at Topanga Mall a few weeks ago.
Our appointment was at 3:10pm but since something went wrong with their printers, our appointment was moved to 4:00pm. It was a good thing that it was moved to a later time because despite the fact that I left home around 9:30am to go get my hair, nails and make up done, I was not done till 2:30pm. I got my hair done with Mom at Granada Hills then we went to Tony's Nail Salon. After the nails, mom and I went to their house to eat lunch and then it was off to MAC at Northridge Mall for me.

We made it in time to our appointment. We just waited for some of our prints.

Here is one of my favorite picture of the three of us...


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