Eulla and Eulleah

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sister bonding with kids :)

We met up with Ate and Bernie at A&W Restaurant for lunch right after they were finished with a doctors visit from Kaiser, Panorama City. Eulla was such a good girl. She just sat in the high chair and ate her egg flour soup while the rest of us ate our lunch. I was so proud of her because even if her Daddy was not around to make sure she behaves, it all worked out well. She was a behaved little girl. (Daddy are you proud of your baby?)
Eulla and Bernie watching Backyardigans

After lunch, we went to Ross to kill some time while we waited for Ate's dentist appointment which was across Ross. We ended up buying a couple of toys for both Bernie and Eulla. We waited for Ate at the dentist while both the kids watched Backyardigans in the SUV. When Ate was done, we left to go to Northridge Mall. Old Navy was having 25%off all baby and kids clothes and shoes. We got Eulla, Bernie and Ethan loads of clothes. We hanged around the mall for a few hours. We left around 5PM and went home.
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