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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Teething Symptoms and Potty Training

I think Eulla is teething. Unless this is just another excuse why she has a cold. I just dont know where she would've caught her cold. She does have other symptoms of teething. According to this website, she might be going through it. Here are some of her symptoms:
Irritability, Biting & gnawing, Diarrhea, Cold like symptoms (runny nose, etc.). So just maybe, she might be teething (2nd molar).
Today we went to the Mid-Valley Los Angeles Library. We borrowed several books and two DVDs for Eulla. I got her a DVD called Once Upon a Potty. We just finished watching it and I think she got curious on what her potty chair was used for. I'll try to help her figuring it out but I wont rush her. After all, they said kids tend to be ready by 2 1/2 but since I have noticed Eulla interested in the toilet bowl and the flush, I want her to understand more about it.

We also borrowed Brother Bear 2 just to see if she's interested in other DVDs aside from the one she owns.

By the way, Daddy Eumir ended up coming home exactly at noon today. Since Eulla had a cold, he was not feeling well either. Hopefully its not the flu :(

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