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Friday, September 14, 2007


Yey, its Friday again! This means, Daddy works half the day only and is home by lunch time! We ate our lunch at exactly 12 noon. A few minutes after our lunch, Eulla took her nap. Right after her nap, we headed for Topanga Mall. We had to look for a few things for Eulla and a birthday gift for a celebrant next weekend.
Of course, while we were at Topanga Mall, Eulla and Daddy went to playtown while I shopped around. Unfortunately, after 10 minutes, Daddy called and said that Eulla fell while she was playing so they left the playground and went to the 2 storey carousel. I had all the tokens because I buy them in bulk ahead of time. As soon as I saw them, they were both in a hurry to go in line for the carousel. Eulla doesn't like going to the up and down animals, I dont know why. She would rather go on the bench provided or the sit and spin. Since the sit and spin was occupied by the time they got in the carousel, she sat on the bench. Eulla didnt mind. She was screaming with joy once the carousel started.

After going around twice... Where's Mommy?!? There she is...

Tapos na! Wala na... (This is how Eulla says its done or wala na)

After the mall, we went to CPK to get some take outs. Right after that, we went to Borders. Daddy wanted to look for a book he needed for a personal project. We didn't get to stay long in the bookstore because Eulla cried really loud because she was constipated. Its been so long since she became this way, we were bothered and just decided to go home. It's time for prune juice again ;)

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