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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

It is Eulla's 2nd halloween and like last year, Eumir and I decided to take her to Toapnga Mall first. This mall always has a scheduled event for this particular occasion. It is nice because you see all the parents getting into Halloween for their kids.
We got to the mall around 4:30PM. The place was starting to get filled with a lot of kids all dressed up. Once we got at the kids area, Eulla saw the carousel. I've always bought tokens in advance because it saves time and you get your money's worth if you buy a lot. The ride usually is priced for $5 but if you buy 5 tokens, it would only cost you $3.50. So we rode the carousel first and it had Eulla screaming with joy. After the ride, we decided to go from stalls to stalls to go trick or treating. There were so many people nicely dressed up. We saw snow white, an angel, captain hook and more.

I brought two costume for Eulla. I bought her fairy costume and her Uniqua from the backyardigans. Daddy Eumir said it was too hot for Eulla to use her Uniqua costume so, she ended up using her fairy costume the whole time at the mall.

Eulla's first time to ask for treats by herself...good job baby!

After the mall, we headed to Carey Ranch, Sylmar, mom's neighborhood. We had about an hour and a half to stroll around the neighborhood till we picked up Uncle Jun from the LAX airport.

My nephews...Bernado and Ehtan

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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Pre-Halloween at Gymboree

This is Eulla's week 7 at Gymboree. Teacher Tarah suggested that the parents dress up the kids on the week of Halloween. Mostly all the kids were dressed up. It was fun taking pictures.
Today, they were instructed to find as much bugs inside the room. Some of the bugs were cut outs and some were stuffed toys. I think a lot of the kids were preoccupied because they saw each others costume. Eulla and a little girl were both attached to each other this particular day. They enjoyed playing together the whole 45 minutes of the class. The time passed by so fast that I didnt noticed that it has been an hour since we were chasing our kids around the room. It was an exhausting hour!
Eulla and her new friend

I had to have Eulla dress as a fairy today because it was too hot for her to wear her Uniqua (Backyardigans) costume.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Lazy days and Mondays

What can I say, its a Monday and I AM SO LAZY! Eulla and I did our usual routine in the morning. Eat breakfast, take a bath, clean up the bedroom and the living room. Right after that, Eulla watched PBS channel where she started watching Calliou, Big big world and Word World. (I had her start watching this channel because it was a learning channel)
After that, it hit me. Its near lunch time and I had not prepared Eulla's and my lunch. So, even if it is not healthy, Eulla and I went to a Mc Donalds drive thru. It was only a mile away. Of course, we took the car to get there harharhar!
Eulla was excited to open her happy meal.
She didn't know that there was a toy inside ;)
She found it!!!


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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Off to the PuMpKiN pAtCh at Moorpark

Early Saturday morning, we went to the Underwood Family Farm at Moorpark. This was the best pumpkin patch, we've ever seen. It was on several acres of land. There was so much places to go to. So many animals to see.

We planned this trip with our good friends. It was drizzling at first but by the time we started the corn maze, the rain had stop and the sun came out. Talk about being a nice time to go. The weather was perfect! Not to hot and not too cold.

Eulla inside the corn maze Daddy run after Eulla!!!
Mitchel, Eulla and Estela
our cutie pies

To see more pictures, visit our album on out multiply site.

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Friday, October 26, 2007


Eulla - pa cute!

We went to Costco to buy the usual things we buy in bulk, Eulla's stuff! We bought her soymilk, baby wipes and 2 jumbo boxes of pull ups which can last up to about a month. The milk sometimes, we have to go back after 3 weeks. I love COSTCO because not only does it saves to buy in bulk but makes running back and forth to a store to get her stuff less tiring.
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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gymboree Week 6

Eulla and I had a make up class today at 12PM. Since the fire around town is still in the process of being contained, for the first time ever, Eulla and I were the only one there for the class. Teacher Tarah waited 5 minutes past the scheduled time but still, no one else showed up. Since Eulla was the only one there for the class, teacher Tarah created a maze for Eulla to enjoy. She also had Eulla find all the tiny bugs that she hid around the play area. It was nice because Eulla got to know her teacher better and she got comfortable with her as well. Not only does she listen to me alone, she follows all her teachers instructions and had fun doing it.

I liked that we had a one on one time at Gymboree. Eulla enjoyed and learned so many things.


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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Visitor from the Philippines

Rizza, Eumir's cousin was scheduled to arrive at LAX at 5:44PM. We got to her a little past 7PM. It was perfect because Rizza just got her luggage by the time we got to LAX. We met her outside of terminal 5.
We had to meet Auntie Nene and Joseph at Irvine, California Pizza Kitchen to eat dinner. They were taking Rizza to San Diego for the rest of her stay here at the States. We only got a chance to chit chat for a few hours. Hopefully, when she comes back with her family (Kiko and baby Fran), we'll have more time to go around town!

See you guys next year Rizza! Have a safe trip back to the Philippines.

(Sorry love for forgetting to take a picture of you with everyone else)


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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Missing Gymboree

Eulla is suppose to go to class today at Gymboree but since she started a cold Friday afternoon, I didn't want to take the chance today and have other kids catch her cold. Eulla is a lot better now but the policy is very strict when it comes to sick kids.
Another thing is that Eulla has been constipated again. I'm still not quite sure why it all began again but she's having a hard time pooing. So it was a sure deal that Eulla and I will be staying home. We can try and get ready for tomorrow. We will be picking up Eumir's cousin, Rizza at LAX. Hopefully the fire will be contained by tomorrow so we can go around town.

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Barrio Fiesta at Eagle Rock

Right after my ortho appointment at Alhambra, we met up with our good friends, The Gregorio's (Reggie, Betty, Mitchel, and Estela) at Barrio Fiesta. We had our late lunch there. I just found out that the Barrio Fiesta at Glendale closed already but when the Gregorios invited us, they said that the new one opened at Eagle Rock.

I would have to give 5 stars on this restaurant. Not only does it have the best calamari and crispy pata, they had good service. Parking is not a problem as well because they valet for $3.00. I was not able to take pictures of everyone because we were all so hungry. Plus we had 3 kids to please. But for every Filipino out there craving for the famous Barrio Fiesta, there you have it...they are located at 4420 Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, CA.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gymboree Week 5

My favorite picture of the day

Today, we transferred to Level 5. Our class starts at 11:00am and it will be every Tuesday. Eulla didn't seem to see any difference from the change of levels. She still participated in the activities and tried most of the exercises teacher Tarah asked her to do. But of course, Eulla still awaited her most favorite acidity, the parachute activities and the bubbles.
The activity of the day was trying to find the miniature pumpkins
After Eulla's class, we met up with Mommy Perla, Daddy Pogi and visitors from the Philippines at A&W Restaurant. We all ate lunch and chit chatted for a while. After, we did a few shopping and headed to Sylmar. Eulla was friendly with all of the visitors. She took pictures with them and played a little with Ate Mayla (my cousin's wife).

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Off to Toys R Us for a doll

Toys R Us closes at 9PM. We were there at 8:30PM. I rushed inside to look for a bratz doll and some baby bottles for the doll. After 15 minutes of searching through so many dolls, I finally found the same exact doll that they were playing with at the party.
Once we got home, Eulla was so excited to open the box of her bratz doll. Daddy and Eulla opened the box while I took some pictures. She was screaming with excitement. I was so excited for her.
Once Eulla had a chance to play with the doll, she kissed and hug her new doll. She wont even want to put it down. She just had the doll by her side and made sure the doll was fed and her hair was brushed. Im so happy for my baby girl. She now knows what kind of toys she really wants.

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Chuck e Cheese's

We went to a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese's Northridge. It was Rheaeliza's 7th birthday (Eumir's niece). We stayed for about an hour and a half then went on to do some errands for Jun. Eulla's nap time was around 2:30PM so by the time I was done with my errands, she was asleep in the SUV with her Daddy.

Eulla's saying CHEESE

We decided to go home and have Eulla continue her nap at home before we went on to continue with Rheaeliza's birthday celebration at their place. Around 6PM, we went to the party. For the first time, Eulla was able to play with her girl cousins. They were all playing with a doll pretending to feed and put the doll to sleep. They even gave the doll a bottle of milk. When we were watching Eulla with the other girls, she really wanted her chance to play and feed the doll. Eumir and I felt bad and so we decided that right after the party, we will go to Toys R Us and get her first doll that she can feed and fix her hair.

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

23 Months

Not only is it Eulla's Gymboree class today but it is also the day Eulla turned 23 months. One more month and Eulla will be 2 years old!

We went to her Gymboree class early morning. Her class started at 10am. We learned ON and OFF. This is our last day at Level 4 because Eulla just turned 23 months. We will try Level 5 next Tuesday. Her teacher will still be Ms. Tarah.

Eulla is such a character. She enjoys Gymboree a lot. Everyone knows her as the toddler that LOVES bubbles. She screams like heck when its bubble time. Eulla likes to copy her Daddy and me. She gets annoyed easily when things dont go her way but adjusts her mood when we ask her whats wrong (kanino pa ba to mag mamana, eh di sa Daddy na mabilis uminit ang ulo!) She says hi and bye bye to everyone she sees. Eulla is very friendly when she knows that we're just right beside her but when she knows some one new will take her and hug her, she cries and squirms around till they leave her alone.

The words that she has been saying are daddy, hello, bye-bye, bath time, umm time, oh oh, wow, booboo, eyes, this, there it is, cheese, shoes, and anchu (which means thank you). Oh and our dogs name Justin and doggie. Its getting harder and harder to track down because she likes to copy what we say. Since we talk to her in both english and tagalog, her pediatrician said that she'll talk a little later than if a toddler only spoke one language but is very common with parents that want their kids to learn their language.

Eulla loves listening to children's music and loves to dance around. She also likes trying on my shoes. She especially loves my ballet shoes so I decided to get her one that looks almost like it at baby GAP.

I cant believe she's almost turning two. That means I have not gone to work since we planned for Eulla over 3 years ago. Haaaay!

For more pictures, please visit our album site :)

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