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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

23 Months

Not only is it Eulla's Gymboree class today but it is also the day Eulla turned 23 months. One more month and Eulla will be 2 years old!

We went to her Gymboree class early morning. Her class started at 10am. We learned ON and OFF. This is our last day at Level 4 because Eulla just turned 23 months. We will try Level 5 next Tuesday. Her teacher will still be Ms. Tarah.

Eulla is such a character. She enjoys Gymboree a lot. Everyone knows her as the toddler that LOVES bubbles. She screams like heck when its bubble time. Eulla likes to copy her Daddy and me. She gets annoyed easily when things dont go her way but adjusts her mood when we ask her whats wrong (kanino pa ba to mag mamana, eh di sa Daddy na mabilis uminit ang ulo!) She says hi and bye bye to everyone she sees. Eulla is very friendly when she knows that we're just right beside her but when she knows some one new will take her and hug her, she cries and squirms around till they leave her alone.

The words that she has been saying are daddy, hello, bye-bye, bath time, umm time, oh oh, wow, booboo, eyes, this, there it is, cheese, shoes, and anchu (which means thank you). Oh and our dogs name Justin and doggie. Its getting harder and harder to track down because she likes to copy what we say. Since we talk to her in both english and tagalog, her pediatrician said that she'll talk a little later than if a toddler only spoke one language but is very common with parents that want their kids to learn their language.

Eulla loves listening to children's music and loves to dance around. She also likes trying on my shoes. She especially loves my ballet shoes so I decided to get her one that looks almost like it at baby GAP.

I cant believe she's almost turning two. That means I have not gone to work since we planned for Eulla over 3 years ago. Haaaay!

For more pictures, please visit our album site :)

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