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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Barrio Fiesta at Eagle Rock

Right after my ortho appointment at Alhambra, we met up with our good friends, The Gregorio's (Reggie, Betty, Mitchel, and Estela) at Barrio Fiesta. We had our late lunch there. I just found out that the Barrio Fiesta at Glendale closed already but when the Gregorios invited us, they said that the new one opened at Eagle Rock.

I would have to give 5 stars on this restaurant. Not only does it have the best calamari and crispy pata, they had good service. Parking is not a problem as well because they valet for $3.00. I was not able to take pictures of everyone because we were all so hungry. Plus we had 3 kids to please. But for every Filipino out there craving for the famous Barrio Fiesta, there you have it...they are located at 4420 Eagle Rock Blvd, LA, CA.

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