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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Chuck e Cheese's

We went to a birthday party at Chuck e Cheese's Northridge. It was Rheaeliza's 7th birthday (Eumir's niece). We stayed for about an hour and a half then went on to do some errands for Jun. Eulla's nap time was around 2:30PM so by the time I was done with my errands, she was asleep in the SUV with her Daddy.

Eulla's saying CHEESE

We decided to go home and have Eulla continue her nap at home before we went on to continue with Rheaeliza's birthday celebration at their place. Around 6PM, we went to the party. For the first time, Eulla was able to play with her girl cousins. They were all playing with a doll pretending to feed and put the doll to sleep. They even gave the doll a bottle of milk. When we were watching Eulla with the other girls, she really wanted her chance to play and feed the doll. Eumir and I felt bad and so we decided that right after the party, we will go to Toys R Us and get her first doll that she can feed and fix her hair.

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