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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gymboree Week 5

My favorite picture of the day

Today, we transferred to Level 5. Our class starts at 11:00am and it will be every Tuesday. Eulla didn't seem to see any difference from the change of levels. She still participated in the activities and tried most of the exercises teacher Tarah asked her to do. But of course, Eulla still awaited her most favorite acidity, the parachute activities and the bubbles.
The activity of the day was trying to find the miniature pumpkins
After Eulla's class, we met up with Mommy Perla, Daddy Pogi and visitors from the Philippines at A&W Restaurant. We all ate lunch and chit chatted for a while. After, we did a few shopping and headed to Sylmar. Eulla was friendly with all of the visitors. She took pictures with them and played a little with Ate Mayla (my cousin's wife).

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