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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Gymboree Week 6

Eulla and I had a make up class today at 12PM. Since the fire around town is still in the process of being contained, for the first time ever, Eulla and I were the only one there for the class. Teacher Tarah waited 5 minutes past the scheduled time but still, no one else showed up. Since Eulla was the only one there for the class, teacher Tarah created a maze for Eulla to enjoy. She also had Eulla find all the tiny bugs that she hid around the play area. It was nice because Eulla got to know her teacher better and she got comfortable with her as well. Not only does she listen to me alone, she follows all her teachers instructions and had fun doing it.

I liked that we had a one on one time at Gymboree. Eulla enjoyed and learned so many things.


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