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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Off to Toys R Us for a doll

Toys R Us closes at 9PM. We were there at 8:30PM. I rushed inside to look for a bratz doll and some baby bottles for the doll. After 15 minutes of searching through so many dolls, I finally found the same exact doll that they were playing with at the party.
Once we got home, Eulla was so excited to open the box of her bratz doll. Daddy and Eulla opened the box while I took some pictures. She was screaming with excitement. I was so excited for her.
Once Eulla had a chance to play with the doll, she kissed and hug her new doll. She wont even want to put it down. She just had the doll by her side and made sure the doll was fed and her hair was brushed. Im so happy for my baby girl. She now knows what kind of toys she really wants.

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