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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Visitor from the Philippines

Rizza, Eumir's cousin was scheduled to arrive at LAX at 5:44PM. We got to her a little past 7PM. It was perfect because Rizza just got her luggage by the time we got to LAX. We met her outside of terminal 5.
We had to meet Auntie Nene and Joseph at Irvine, California Pizza Kitchen to eat dinner. They were taking Rizza to San Diego for the rest of her stay here at the States. We only got a chance to chit chat for a few hours. Hopefully, when she comes back with her family (Kiko and baby Fran), we'll have more time to go around town!

See you guys next year Rizza! Have a safe trip back to the Philippines.

(Sorry love for forgetting to take a picture of you with everyone else)


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