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Friday, November 09, 2007

Eulla's 2nd BIRTHDAY!!!

Daddy Eumir had to work half day today but the rest of the day after that was all about EULLA. Eulla was born at 5:54am, November 9, 2005. I was waiting to catch her wake up around that time to greet her but she woke up just right before her Daddy left for work at 7:10am. Daddy greeted Eulla with a kiss but she seemed so tired that she went back to sleep. Then she woke up at 8am yelling D-A-D-D-Y! I told her, Daddy was at work but will be back before noon. We both got ready to start off the celebration. By the time Daddy got home, Eulla was ready. I had to do final retouches on my make up before starting our celebration with our baby girl.
We had to pick up Eulla's cake first at PORTOS so that early morning the following day, we would have it with us already. After PORTOS, we did a couple more errands for the party tomorrow then we went to CHUCK E CHEESES to have Eulla play and have some fun.

We went to Devonshire Chuck e Cheeses. The three of us were all pleased because there were not so many people that we had a chance to choose all the rides and games that Eulla and Daddy Eumir wanted to play. However, we had to leave by 4:30PM because we had reservations at Barrio Fiesta at Eagle Rock for Eulla's Dinner Party with Daddy Pogi, Mommy Perla and Ninong Jun. Mommy Perla said that we must eat pancit with Eulla for long life and we did!

The Yummy Foods!

Eulla had so much fun the whole day that she didnt even feel tired till we got home.
More pictures coming soon in our album

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belated happy birthday eulla! Ü

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