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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

It is Eulla's 2nd halloween and like last year, Eumir and I decided to take her to Toapnga Mall first. This mall always has a scheduled event for this particular occasion. It is nice because you see all the parents getting into Halloween for their kids.
We got to the mall around 4:30PM. The place was starting to get filled with a lot of kids all dressed up. Once we got at the kids area, Eulla saw the carousel. I've always bought tokens in advance because it saves time and you get your money's worth if you buy a lot. The ride usually is priced for $5 but if you buy 5 tokens, it would only cost you $3.50. So we rode the carousel first and it had Eulla screaming with joy. After the ride, we decided to go from stalls to stalls to go trick or treating. There were so many people nicely dressed up. We saw snow white, an angel, captain hook and more.

I brought two costume for Eulla. I bought her fairy costume and her Uniqua from the backyardigans. Daddy Eumir said it was too hot for Eulla to use her Uniqua costume so, she ended up using her fairy costume the whole time at the mall.

Eulla's first time to ask for treats by herself...good job baby!

After the mall, we headed to Carey Ranch, Sylmar, mom's neighborhood. We had about an hour and a half to stroll around the neighborhood till we picked up Uncle Jun from the LAX airport.

My nephews...Bernado and Ehtan

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