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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Opening gifts

Eulla was able to go to sleep right after her party. The party ended at around 5PM. A few minutes after Daddy Eumir buckled Eulla's seat belt, she was knocked out. Eumir and I decided to go to Toys R Us to buy her, her favorite desk in the whole store. Every time I bring Eulla to Toys R Us and she sees this desk, she will sit there for a while! I always have to tell her to say bye bye to the desk so that we can leave the store. Eulla doesn't put up a fight. She just says bye with a little sob and that's that. My baby is a good girl.

Anyways, after going to 2 Toys R Us, since they didnt have it in stock on the first, we got lucky and got one from the Porter Ranch Branch.
We got home after over an hour and then Eulla woke up. We decided to have her open the gifts. She was so excited.

Thank you for the diamond earrings Mommy Perla and Daddy Pogi!

Thank you so much to everyone!


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