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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Rush Preparations

It is a day before Eulla's birthday and I had to finish off several errands for Eulla's birthday party. I left Daddy Eumir and Eulla most of the day yesterday to buy Eulla two outfit for November 9 (her real birthday) and November 10 (her birthday party). Daddy Eumir didn't go to work because 1)he wasn't feeling well 2)eulla had a cold and cough and 3)i had to finish up everything i needed to do for eulla's birthday and eulla's birthday party.

Eulla's clothes from babyGAP and Janie AND Jack
Today, since I was rushing to buy Eulla's outfit, when I had her try on her clothes, it was all too small for her. Uncle Jun and Dad had to come with me and Eulla at the mall to exchange them for a bigger size (2Toddler) instead of 18-24 months. Yup, it's a weird because there is a huge difference between the two sizes. I still wanted to have Eulla wear them through out the whole winter season.
While I was running around Topanga Mall, I left Dad and Eulla at the Playtown. After getting back in 15 minutes, Dad and Jun did their own thing at the mall while Eulla and I got my matching clothes with Eulla at Abercrombie & Fitch. Daddy Eumir already had his outfit prepared by the 7th of the month. Lucky him!

When we got home, Eulla and I organized her goody bags and the toys & snacks that will go in it. Eulla helped me put the stuff inside the backyardigans goody bags while Daddy Eumir took pictures and surf the net for his football games on line.

Eulla helping


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