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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Super Busy Bee

What can I say, I haven't had a chance to really post about everything we've done since the weekend. It was an eventful weekend too. I have been running around with my family doing so many errands and going to many places. We've been trying to spend as much quality time with my brother - Ninong Uncle Jun since he got back from the US Army. He only has till the 14th of November here then he's off to the Philippines to spend some time with Ninang Tita Trina then back to Virginia. So, its a rush doing a lot of things. Lets not forget that a special someone superduper special day is coming's Eulla's birthday soon!!!!
Eumir and I tried to finish up what we need for Eulla's birthday Friday afternoon but we didnt. We'll just have to fit everything we need to do before Friday.
Just to recap everything we've done,

FRIDAY: We had Uncle Jun's welcome home party. It was a successful party. We had a blast.

Eulla, the center of attention on the party

SATURDAY: We went to order Eulla's cake at Portos then we went to Northridge Mall then to the Camarillo Outlet with Uncle Jun. We stayed at Camarillo till 7PM.

SUNDAY: We had a family picture taken by the beach by Mark Dimalanta. I will post some when we get them :) After the picture taking, we all ate at Sushi on Fire.

MONDAY: Jun and I finished up our errands. I had to leave Eulla with Dad. I had to bring the SUV to Hamer Toyota for an oil change and they happened to find screws on my tires. We had to get the tires replace.


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