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Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year's Eve

Our 12 bilog at our home sweet home
Before New Year count down at Mom and Dad's house...
Picture time
After the countdown...

Happy New Year!!!Eulla toasting with her green sippy cup
(Note: I didnt get a chance to give her a cup but once she saw everyone, she grabbed her sippy cup. It was hilarious!!!)

The Carpio Family
Dad and Mom


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

National Treasure

Since Eumir took almost 2 week off from work, we planned to try to go watch a movie before he went back to work. Sunday night was perfect because Mom and Dad agreed to take care of Eulla while we watched National Treasure. It has been a little more than 6 months since we last watched a movie (Our 4th Wedding Anniversary).
It's always nice to be able to go out and have our quality time together but we couldnt help plan our next trip to the movies without our baby girl. We will try to bring her with us next time because we saw some parents that brought their kids with them while they watched National Tresure.


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Daniel's 1st Birthday

We went to San Dimas for Daniel's 1st birthday. Daniel is my cousin Irene's son. We were there till 11pm. Eumir played majong with my cousins while we watched the UFC fight. Eulla played with most of the kids while Eumir and I talked to everyone. Eulla is easier to take care of now a days because she comes to us when she's hungry or needs to potty. Other than that, she knows how to mingle with other kids.

At the Jumper

Kids singing Happy Birthday to Daniel Eulla wanted to blow the candle on the cake
Honey, Leslie, Irma, Me, Irene and Ate Eumir and Kuya John

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

At our home

We met with family at John the Baptist Dela Salle Church for the Christmas mass. The mass finished at 1:30PM.

Children being blessed

After mass, we went to Mom and Dad's house. As soon as the whole family came, everyone had lunch first then we had the kids open up their gifts. After opening gifts, some watched Transformers while some chatted and some played majong.

We were at Sylmar till midnight.


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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

The three of us had to pick up a lot of the food we ordered at different locations before we started celebrating Christmas Eve. It was so windy that the whole time we ran our errands, Eumir and Eulla just stayed inside the car while I went in and out of different places. We had to go to Isla Grill, Goldilocks, Honey Bake Ham, Seafood City and finally, to Santa Clarita.
After getting all the food, we went to my parents house to fix all the food for the party tomorrow. We all had dinner together. After dinner, the three of us went home and celebrated Christmas Eve as a family at our home sweet home.Again, again, again....this time with bigger smiles...CHEESE!!!

Christmas Eve
As Eulla would say it... HOW SAWEET!!


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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Getting Ready

In preparation of our Christmas Eve, we decided to include Eulla in making our fruit salad. She was so excited to be making it that I got excited seeing her make it. Eulla loves to do chores. I just hope that as she grows up, she will still like doing chores.

Good Job Eulla!

We had so much fun cooking that we ended up celebrating. We opened up a bottle of wine, grilled some bbq's, and ate our dinner with style! lashing na sha!
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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Finishing up Christmas Shopping

We decided to go to Camarillo Outlet to finish up our Christmas shopping. We only have a few things on our Christmas list and we're all set for Christmas! Eumir, Eulla and I left San Fernando Valley really early to make sure that we can have a good parking space while we shopped around Camarillo Outlet. Unfortunately, even if we found ourselves the perfect spot, the lines in every store in Camarillo Outlet was terrible! I ended up spending more time at one of my favorite shop - Saks Fifth. We left Camarillo a little past noon. We decided to eat at a near by Denny because Eumir was craving for their T-Bone Steak.

Eulla choosing what she wants for lunch under the kids menu

Eulla eating her cheddar fries...and LOVING it!


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Friday, December 21, 2007

Gymboree Week 13

Today is Eulla's last Gymboree class for the year. We are holding off Eulla's next enrollment because the Gymboree location that we usually attend to will be relocating at Porter Ranch which is almost 5 miles farther than the one we attend to at Northridge Mall. The old location was so nice because it is IN the mall which makes it exciting for me to come to weekly. So for the mean time, it will be a discussion whether we will re-enroll her next year or start considering Kindercare.


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Monday, December 17, 2007

Back to the Doctor's Office

Daddy and Eulla inside the check up room

It has only been 7 days since we last saw Dr. Farrohi. Eulla had a terrible Sunday night. She was so congested that she was up most of the night. Daddy Eumir and I only was only able to make her feel better by switching to hug and comfort her. By Monday morning, as soon as Dr. Farrohi's clinic opened, I called in to get an appointment.
We were at the clinic before 11am. Eulla still remembers that the last time she was there, she got her shots so she was very hesitant when they called us in. Luckily, Eulla did well during her check up. She was brave and only sobbed a bit when Dr. Farrohi stuck a stick into her mouth to see her throat.
Dr. Farrohi ended up prescribing a decongestant for Eulla. She also said that if Eulla cries and look like she's in pain, to give her some tylenol.

Eulla and Daddy using their laptop before bedtime


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Friday, December 14, 2007

Fashion Square

It has been a long time since Daddy Eumir had worked a whole day on a Friday that Eulla and I felt the loneliness at home. Daddy Eumir already took his half day during Eulla's check up. I decided to just go to the mall at Fashion Square so we can visit Bloomingdales & to have Eulla play at the playtown. It's been so long since we visited this mall. The way to the parking lot was so bad, I wouldn't go back here till the road is done or only if I have to. Luckily, Eulla and I found a good parking space (near the front entrance of macy's).
Eulla played first at the playtown then we she got tired of running around, we had some Mrs. Fields cookies for our snack. Eulla took her nap on her stroller within 10 minutes of strolling around the mall. While she was asleep, I took advantage and did a little shopping. By 3PM, we went to Sylmar to visit my parents. We stayed there till 5PM then went home to meet Daddy Eumir to go to Costco and buy Eulla's milk, Pull-Ups, wipes and Eumir's favorite Dole Juice in bulk.


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Thursday, December 13, 2007

2nd Molar Part II

Eulla tossed and turned last night and at once, I knew she was teething. Around midnight, she was sobbing, so I decided to give her, her teething tablet. She didnt want to take it until she heard her Daddy say "its yummy Eulla" and he asked me to shake the bottle. She took the two tablets at once and chewed on it. She has always taken her teething tablet, enjoys biting it and says delicious once the tablet is fully chewed. After taking the teething tablet, she fell asleep within 10 minutes.
This morning, as I was brushing her teeth, I saw the 2nd molar out on the right side. Now, we only have to wait for the two upper 2nd molar to come out.
Eulla has a slight cold once again which is usually one of the symptoms she gets when she's teething. After 3 days, it usually goes away.

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Gymboree Week 12

We did a make up class today at 9AM. We met a lot of new friends and saw another new teacher. Today Eulla learned to pretend to be an animal from a farm. They had to look for pretend food all around the room while they went down into a tunnel with their food. Eulla had so much fun that after an hour of playing, she was already asking for her Gymboree stamp. We haven't even done parachute time and bubble time then. But, once she saw the bubbles, she ran back with the group and sang along with everyone.
Eulla found a lot of the pretend food!

The tunnel the kids went down into once they find the pretend foodBubble time!


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Monday, December 10, 2007

Eulla's 2nd Year Well Baby Check Up

Eulla's doctor's appointment was at 3PM. Daddy, Eulla and I were there 10 minutes early. Eulla just played around at the waiting area with her Daddy while I took care of our new insurance with the medical biller at Dr. Farrohi's office.
Eulla got terrified once we were called into the room. She sensed that she will be getting her shots and started bawling starting from the getting her weight checked up to her shots. Once we were dressing her, she said "BYE" to Dr. Farrohi. Dr. Farrohi just giggled and handed Eulla a sticker. Eulla is now scheduled to get her blood drawn to get checked for lead. We will be getting that done during Eumir's vacation. As of now, here are Eulla's new stats...
Weight: 27lbs.
Height: 32 inchesEulla playing while waiting for Dr. Farohhi Eulla crying while Daddy comforts her


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