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Monday, December 17, 2007

Back to the Doctor's Office

Daddy and Eulla inside the check up room

It has only been 7 days since we last saw Dr. Farrohi. Eulla had a terrible Sunday night. She was so congested that she was up most of the night. Daddy Eumir and I only was only able to make her feel better by switching to hug and comfort her. By Monday morning, as soon as Dr. Farrohi's clinic opened, I called in to get an appointment.
We were at the clinic before 11am. Eulla still remembers that the last time she was there, she got her shots so she was very hesitant when they called us in. Luckily, Eulla did well during her check up. She was brave and only sobbed a bit when Dr. Farrohi stuck a stick into her mouth to see her throat.
Dr. Farrohi ended up prescribing a decongestant for Eulla. She also said that if Eulla cries and look like she's in pain, to give her some tylenol.

Eulla and Daddy using their laptop before bedtime


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