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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Chuck e Cheese's (Jhoziel's 2nd Birthday)

It was a very hectic day for us. We had to go to four places this whole day of Saturday. First, we had to go to Dad and Mom's place at Sylmar to visit. Mom called early morning and said that Eulla had a "balato" from them because they had won last night when they went to the casino at San Diego. WHOHOOO...this is twice in a row!!! We all had lunch together at their place. We grabbed some In and Out burgers before going there. After, we had to attend Eumir and my inaanak's birthday party at Chuck e Cheese's at Simi Valley. We had to be there by 4PM. Eulla and Daddy Eumir played their favorite games while I watched and took pictures. After playing, we went back to the table to sing and dance with Jhoziel.
Daddy Eumir playing his favorite game at Chuck e Cheese'sHappy 2nd Birthday Jhoziel!!!

After Simi Valley, we went to Camarillo Outlet to shop a bit since it was on the way to go to Oxnard. I was the only one who ended up going down to Saks Fifth Avenue because Eulla was busy watching Ratatouille on her DVD. I had so much fun! All three of us were so happy by the time we headed to Oxnard around 7:45PM to see Eumir's family.

At Auntie Glo's house... Eulla's Uncle Jr. Tatay Raylen with Eulla


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