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Monday, December 10, 2007

Eulla's 2nd Year Well Baby Check Up

Eulla's doctor's appointment was at 3PM. Daddy, Eulla and I were there 10 minutes early. Eulla just played around at the waiting area with her Daddy while I took care of our new insurance with the medical biller at Dr. Farrohi's office.
Eulla got terrified once we were called into the room. She sensed that she will be getting her shots and started bawling starting from the getting her weight checked up to her shots. Once we were dressing her, she said "BYE" to Dr. Farrohi. Dr. Farrohi just giggled and handed Eulla a sticker. Eulla is now scheduled to get her blood drawn to get checked for lead. We will be getting that done during Eumir's vacation. As of now, here are Eulla's new stats...
Weight: 27lbs.
Height: 32 inchesEulla playing while waiting for Dr. Farohhi Eulla crying while Daddy comforts her


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