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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick Get Away

Its a Sunday afternoon and usually, we make it to a point where we try to stay home because Eumir watches his football games even if is recorded in our DVR. That is why we try to do everything we need to do every Friday afternoon after Eumir's and Saturday. BUT with a capital B-U-T, since it is so great to go shopping right after the holidays, we decided to make a quick run to the mall. I dont usually like going to Northridge Mall but since one of our favorite store is closed at Topanga Mall, we decided to go to Northridge.
We have been going to Abercrombie & Fitch ever since Eumir got here to the states. We cant seem to get over this store even if their clothes just rotates in several colors. Eumir had to get some new work clothes from there. We then passed by the stores in mind but just had no luck in pleasing my dear husbands taste.
We also ended up renting a stroller-car (which had my baby girl thrilled) because we ended up bringing Eumir's Honda and oopppps, we forgot to get the stroller from the SUV. It was better though. It gave Eulla few hours of fun while Eumir and I argued our way into getting the stuff we needed. Im saying argued because I always, ALWAYS, try to convince him into getting what I like on him and what I think will look great on him. He just tries to argue his way out of it because my love likes to remind me of our goal this year and that is to SAVE UP and have more control over shopping.


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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Get Together

Right after Eumir's dentist appointment at Glendale, the three of us headed to Valencia to meet us with the family at Chuck e Cheeses. Please visit OUR MULTIPLY SITE for more pictures.


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Friday, January 18, 2008

Just the two of us

Its Friday and since Eumir didnt go to work Tuesday, he had to make his Friday a whole day at work. Eulla and I then planned to go to the mall to kill some time.

Our lunch from Sorabol Korean Restaurant We rode the carousel Eulla riding an animal in the carousel for the first time this year
She usually rides the sit n spin After, I had her play at the playtown

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Perfect Weather

Today is supposed to be the weirdest temperature for a winter season. It is in the perfect 70's. So we had to make the most of it. We went to Simi Valley Mall mid afternoon. It is an outdoor mall and best of all, it has a train ride for kids.

We first ate our lunch at California Pizza Kitchen along the streets of Simi Valley Mall.
Then strolled around the mall and hunt for bargains! We stopped by at Anthropologie to get some the clothes I saw on line. Then we shopped for Eumir's work clothes. After, we had Eulla ride the train which drives around the mall. Shopped some more, then strolled around to relax and unwind.
Train RideUnder the old oak tree


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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2nd Molar Part III and The Flu

Eulla's 3rd 2nd molar (upper right side) started coming out Saturday. She had a slight fever Friday night and we knew, she was teething again. We went out Saturday afternoon with family and friends. I didn't get to bring my camera (that's a first!)
Anyways, it was raining Saturday and maybe Eulla caught her cold and cough then. So ever since Saturday, we have been dealing with a very moody baby girl. And the worse, it was so windy yesterday and I think I caught a cold from yesterday's trip to the mall. I am definitely at loss of energy to chase around and please a toddlers needs so I opened up a coloring book for Eulla so we can burn some time while I was resting in bed. Eulla is a lot better now and unfortunately, I am just beginning to feel crappy.

Eulla coloring Eulla's masterpice for you, Uncle Jun because the dude she colored is a surfer

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Monday, January 07, 2008

Deceptively Delicious

Yes, Eulla needs some straightening out when it comes to eating some junk food because "the mom" is definitely a junk food addict! When Eumir is around, Eulla gets proper nutrition from drinking water and not eating too many sweets (he does give in from time to time when Eulla gives him her pucker up face) but its getting harder to control when she knows where my secret cupboard for all my sweets are at.

I've been meaning to buy several books that sneaks veggies into really yummy snacks like brownies with hidden spinach or mac and cheese with cauliflower without harming the yummy taste since I read Charmaine's blog.

Anyways, this is the perfect timing because Eulla needs more fiber in her diet. So since the series of storm has finally died down in Southern Cali, Eulla and I decided to bravely go outside the house and go to Borders which happened to be in Northridge Mall.

I promised Eulla that if she behaves while we were in the bookstore, we would drop by at the Disney Store and get her ONE simple toy...ONE, UNO, ISA!
Eulla saw Remy from Ratatouille and dragged him all the way to the cashier but since she already got a fairy doll, I strictly said NO. By the time we get home, she wouldn't even notice him. Im glad I didnt get carried away with the cuteness of this soft hugable Remy.

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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Eulla's Little Leaps

It's the beginning of the year and while Eumir and I relax from all the occasions and just relax at home, we set up Eulla's Christmas gift so instead if watching DVD's, she can engage in a learning game.

Linking the little leaps with the DVD player
I love it because it's wireless. No worries with Eulla tripping over the cords
Ehem, yes Daddy...pinaparinigan kita with the wires on your playstation!!! Keep it clear for your baby girl please! Eulla playing her little leaps

To my sisters & brother:
Tita Nina, Tita Florizel, Ninong Jun
If you get a sudden urge in buying Eulla anything at all, please go through the list of games this little leaps may have hihihi!


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